Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick glance at my Ignore list and...

So I was glancing at my ignore list last night and guess what I found? Wrong! Sorry, you lose. Still guessing?...........Time's up! I'll tell you. A new guild member, maybe two weeks young now, is in my ignore list.

I don't know why. It was probably one of the following:

1) During a dungeon or pug raid they were being a jerk to me or other group members.
2) They are a chat troll who tells vile and insensitive jokes and/or makes fun of others without cause or provocation.
3) Yep, the first two basically covers it. They definately said something jerkish at some point and I considered them complete morons unworthy of my association.

Now they have been invited into my guild. Wow, this is awkward. So what do I do if I'm grouped with this person by our guild leaders? What if they need something made or a gem cut, do I take somebody off my ignore list just because they are now part of the "in crowd"?

I honestly have no idea what to do. For now they remain on my ignore list, I hope we're never in a group together, and I hope that we have the same professions so they never need me or they always get help from other people on that front.

I don't put someone on my ignore list just because they get upset one time. You really have to say something that is truly bad. I account for people's tempers and frustrations, but there is a point where you just don't call someone a 'fag' because you think it will help prove your point. What to do? What to do? What to do? I know they deserved it, so does being in the same guild automatically make them a better person? Maybe they have reformed and are nice to people? Maybe that one instance that got them on my ignore list was a one-time thing? Even if it was, it definately was pretty bad. /sigh

Any advice?


Vorn said...

Take them off Ignore for a trial period and see if they deserve to be there , if you cant remember why you put them on your list in the first place, you cant be sure you didnt make a mistake and add their name by accident :P
Thats what i would do

Gronthe said...

@ Vorn: That's good advice, there's no harm in trying it. I just wish I could remember exactly why I did it in the first place. Thing is, most of the time I actually type in the name instead of using the right-click on name & ignore option. I'm sure it wasn't a mistake, but it'll be hard to ignore another guildie for long.

I'll give them a try, but I'm considering this person to be on parole.

Anonymous said...

If you honestly can't remember precisely why you put them on ignore, I'd say give the poor bastard a second chance. Benefit of the doubt and all that...

Gronthe said...

@ Bronte: It's done, off the ignore list. Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I concur. Although, honestly, a part of me says tell the person, "You know what? At some point you must have been a real d-bag to me 'cause I had you on my ignore list. Now that we're in the same guild, I've taken you off my list and would sure hate to put you back on - so please don't be one again."