Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Cataclysm Thoughts

If you haven't seen the early talent previews officially released then you don't know how to work the internet. I saw them today, and at first it caused a certain amount of consternation, but I'm over it. Now that I've looked at things closely I have just a few random thoughts to share.

1) Healing will be different for everyone. Of course I haven't seen any Holy Pali changes yet, but Priests, Druids and Shamans all have talent changes that will increase their healing after doing damage with spell X, Y or Z.

Analysis: I think that's pretty cool. I have no idea how healing will feel in Cataclysm, but I'm hoping it'll be enough of a change that I will definately feel it. Healers will be a part of the fight, not just some oafs standing in the back watching bars. Yes, we'll still watch bars, but we'll have to pay attention not only to the heals we cast but to the damage spells we cast the the resulting procs. As if healers didn't already have enough to worry about. Can you say "more addons" to track all this stuff? Or simply expanding the use of current ones, like Power Auras (which I still struggle to set up, so if anyone can point me in the right direction for a really good examples I'd appreciate it).

2) It's Early - Stuff is still in trees that Blizzard said wouldn't be.

Analysis: I'll give them time. On one hand they say they want to get rid of more passive abilities that do x% increase, but I don't see how they can get around it given that that would require an absolute, complete overhaul of talent trees. Redundancy, for example, should be eliminated. For example, the Shadow Priest has a 2 pt talent in tier 1 of their tree Dark Thoughts, which reduces spell pushback while casting shadow spells by 70%. Standard spell that every caster has. But look at Improved Shadow Form, that has an effect that will also reduce cast time lost by 70% when taking damage while casting any shadow spell while in shadow form. Um, Blizzard, it seems you got two talents that do the same thing, just worded differently. One is for early leveling while one is for level cap? Just take out the tier 1 talents later? Maybe, but it still seems like a waste of talent points to have such redundancy. I hope there isn't other talents for other classes with this problem.

3) It's Early

Analysis: Sort of like #2. I realize these are as preliminary as they're gonna get. There is definately some cool stuff out there to be had and a lot of boring stuff too. I really do hope that whatever changes they make that we're given more flexibility than we are now. As I see it, however, there's still very little flexibility and very few if any talents that one can look at and say "I don't NEED that one, let me pick up something that better fits my play style." Blizzard said there wouldn't be as many mandatory talents, well Blizz, you got a few months to make it so.

That's all I have to say about that.

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