Friday, June 18, 2010

Good News...I Still Have a Guild

A few days ago I talked about how the increased raiding efforts of my guild had been difficult on me physically, due to my disability with my back and other physical pains and afflictions I have. I knew I needed to talk to my raid and guild leaders, but wasn't looking forward to telling them that one of their oldest, most reliable, and versitile raiders needed to cut back. Simply put this would mean that I could 1) only run raids with my main two nights a week, 2) no more 25mans, 3) my alts could not participate in additional 10-man groups the guild was forming.

So Wednesday night I logged in and sent a tell to those leaders.

I told them I had to cut back and all the reasons why.

I also explained that it didn't mean I wouldn't be online during raid times, I would, but a casual play night for me is much, much different than a raid night - meaning the way it impacts my physical body.

I asked for their feedback, I wanted to know what their reactions would be.


To a man they each said they were "Cool with it" and that they "Understood". It helped that one of them has a back injury himself, so he knows better than most what I was talking about.

I was left to hope that they meant what they said, and given what they have preached before ("Real life comes first") I knew they were truthful in beintg "cool with it".

What a relief. The good news is that the two nights I can stand to raid I'm part of the 10-man group that has progressed the farthest into ICC. No, we're not a super-powerful guild who does hard modes, we're far too casual for that. We stand at 10/12, and if it wasn't for just some piss poor bad luck on Sindragosa we'd be at the Lich King's feet.

So, while my guild was doing their weekly 25-man, what was I doing? During the same three hours I tanked with my lvl17 Pali, I watched TV with my kids, I farmed some Lichbloom, I played some basketball on XBox 360, and I ran a random on my new DK. It was one of the most stress-free nights I've had in a long time.

I was asked in a comment why I had any trepidation in the first place. I believe I answered that it was difficult to explain, but the best thing I can say is that mabye 15-20 years ago I would have had no difficulty, but that's when it was easy to be confident about everything in life. There are times I can't even sit up without help, or put socks on, let alone work enough to provide for my family - not being able to do stupid, simple stuff doesn't exactly instill confidence in people.

But I mustered enough to speak up for myself, and wow what a relief. I do love to play this game, and I enjoy the goodness of the people in my guild. I no longer have to stress about a raiding night disabling me (literally) for the next two days, I can go back to a well rounded approach to the game, which is how I've always loved to play it and it's how I can continue to approach it from here on out.

Have a great weekend, may you achieve your goals and burn up the baddies!

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