Thursday, June 24, 2010

Worgen District

Brain Deadiness
OK, so I'm a total spaceball. Living out in the Mojave desert can do stuff to your brain, so I ask for a passon this one. The Worgen District is going to be in Darnassus, not Stormwind.

Well, I guess Deathwing destroyed more than the park, but all hopes for Human-Worgen relations. Now the oft-misunderstood Worgen will be nurtured by the tree-hugging Night Elves. Great! I hope this particular alliance doens't diminish the animalistic ferocity attributed to the Worgen Race.

I need some ice, please, it's too hot! Talk about being misuderstood, Las Vegas gets that treatment all the time. Vegas is more than the Strip, gambling, booze, strippers, shows, gambling, quick marriages,'s a very large city nestled in a desolate valley that once was inhabited by rivers and streams and reeds of grass. Did you know Las Vegas means "The Meadows"? That's right. But the summers here are oppressive. Dry heat my booty! 120 is hot, humidity or no humidity. (It's not 120 today, but we're getting there).

Funny thing is whenever local residents get out of town family or friends in, that's when they do their duty and head on down to the fun part of town. The rest of the year is school, shopping, parks, friends, you know...normal stuff.

Back to Psychosis
I still can't believe I never heard about the Worgen District to be in Darnassus until yesterday. I am so oblivious!

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