Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Frivolity!

I Am Humble
I don’t think I could write a serious post today even if I tried. It’s all about Friday, the end of the work week. Of course you unemployed on purpose slackers out there wouldn’t know anything about work (grinding dailies don’t count, dodo head). Friday is such a great day. I don’t work on Wall Street or anything like that, so people at work tend to slack a bit themselves. Not to say nobody works, it’s just that a conversation by the water cooler gets extended without fear of the boss yelling at you to get back to work.

Now when I was a manager, I never yelled at my people. I was awesome! In fact, I dare say I was the best manager ever…in the history of the world. Being the humble guy I am it’s easy for me to admit such a remarkable feat. Most bosses are threatened by their employees doing “too well” or “performing at an elite level” for fear of being passed up or usurped somehow. Not me, I wanted them to be better and so I trained them diligently. I was hard on them too, but in a good way. I turned a woman who had been using a pencil and a ruler to reconcile revenue accounts for thirty years into an Excel geek able to write macros and perform reconciliations of thousands of transactions in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. Yeah, that’s right, I’m awesome.

And so it is that Friday makes me feel this way. It helps me remember my humility and brings out the shy side of my personality. I remember a particular humbling experience when my supervisor told me I was the most inspiring and intelligent worker he had ever met in his life. I felt so much awe and wonder at the thought of being so great. How could I, a little boy from New Hampshire, grow up to be such a remarkable person. He told me never to share that with anyone, so I never have and never will.

Random Dungeon Humbling Moment #1
Burn Notice was back on TV last night…MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER!!!! Also the NBA finals. Needless to say I couldn’t raid with my guild, there was too much entertainment (that and my back hurt like hell). After my entertaining was done I thought I’d jump on the game and try and get at least one daily random done on one of my 3 80’s. So I got on my DK (because he still needs triumph gear) and got put into H HoR for the first time. Immediately the tank and DPS (who sorrowfully I admit was a Shaman who should have acted like one) argued where to fight. Everyone goes behind the corner, but in case you haven’t noticed as a DPS it’s tough because I always have to move my camera angle to see what’s going on. I prefer to fight out in the middle of the room, it’s extremely doable but there is an erroneous belief that you have to LOS the mobs. With a good tank and healer NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOS NOTHIN’.


Someone started the LONG version of the pre-fight dungeon, which gave the tank and DPS more time to fight. It was quite enjoyable, actually, and I almost was tempted to use my super powers of inspiration and influence to calm my team members down, but then I realized, naw, it’s doomed to fail so let’s have some fun while we wipe. I proceeded to target the tank’s target and pull threat off of the tank with each swing. I proved once and for all that I am too powerful, even for a Pali tank. My skills on a DK exceed those of every other one in the world. I think my DPS was somewhere near 50K. Everyone stopped fighting and bowed at my feet and exclaimed that I was a god, the god of war Ares, to be specific.

More Humility
I am not quite sure how to reconcile myself with this new realization that I am, in fact, Ares the ancient Greek god of war. How did I not know this before? Surely I will treat all my subjects with the criticism they deserve. I would not want to let them think they are better than me, but I want them to believe that they are good enough to beat, well, someone like Hogger…on a good day.

I don’t really know how to contain my humility any longer, but I shall do my best. I am a Greek god though, so no promises

How about you, how humble are you? Can you give me any examples of your shy nature, your mild voice, your humble actions? I would love to hear from you on this Friday.

Welcome to Friday Frivolity!

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