Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WoW, The Musical

WoW, The Musical

Staring: Yours Truly

Lyrics by: Collaboration
Music by: Me

Rumor has it that some of you are in a transition. Within the wind of those same rumors I hear that there are some among you that want to discuss Cataclysm, while others don’t want to hear a thing and are simply waiting for Dec. 7, 2010. Wrath winding down, patch 4.0.1 in on our doorsteps, the world will be changing soon, and nothing says ‘hey, the world is about to blow up’ better than a great Broadway musical.

That’s right, folks, I am on the verge of doing something so totally embarrassing that I can hardly believe I’m putting it into words. But if I’m going to open my soul here, I’m going to need some help. First let me tell you what I’m planning, then I’m going to ask for some advice and a little bit of input.

This is the Plan
I love to sing, although it’s been a long while since I’ve been part of an organized singing group or had to perform for more than my own family. I also love to play Wow, so my thought was to write a song about WoW and sing it for you fine folk, right here on my blog.

I’ll begin to write the lyrics for the song and plan to present them to everyone for your input, revisions, edits, criticisms, and praise. After making final edits I’ll move on to create a tune, or a melody. I don’t have any musical instruments in my home at the moment, and am not very good with mixing voice and music on a computer, but I’ll figure something out.

The problem I have is that I don’t know how to record something and post it to the internet. Yeah, I’m not very pop-culture-techno-savy; don’t hate me because I’m beautiful! I don’t need much instruction, I’m an incredibly fast learner, but if I could get some tips on how to create a podcast or something from you fine folk that would be wonderful.

I used to sing and dance in musicals growing up. I played Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors (the giant man-eating plant). I also played Rolf in The Sound of Music (the boyfriend of the eldest daughter Liesl who turns Nazi in the end). I’ve performed as Gaston in a college musical version of Beauty and the Beast…funniest character I’ve ever played. I’ve sang in front of thousands of people dozens of times so I should have no problem doing it for people I’ve never met who can’t even see my face. Plus, I’ll get to record it so you won’t hear all the really bad takes, you’ll get the best one I turn out (meaning there could be some mistakes but I’ll be so tired I just won’t care).

I can do impersonations too, so if you want a little Garth Brooks or Frank Sinatra, I’ll turn my voice in that direction. But more than likely I’ll sing it how the song dictates it should be sung, which is a very instinctual way to do it.

It has been years since I’ve really sang, and I admit that some of my skills have diminished somewhat, so don’t expect professional quality. I was never a professional anyway, just a passionate amateur, something that will seem all too obvious.

Need your Help
So if anyone out there can contribute either technical advice or lyrical inspiration, I most welcome it. It will take a few weeks at most to put this together, so the faster I get your help the faster I’ll finish. All I can say is THIS WILL BE…INTERESTING!


Syl said...

lol that sounds awesome - I always loved stand-up comedians impersonating celebs etc.! :)

as for your problems, the technical side isn't actually so huge, all you need is a working mic and a program that lets you record sound clips - sony vegas might be an option. there's probably several free programs out there if you check google for things like free music software etc.
it will require some learning but once you got your file ready, uploading it on youtube or the likes is very simple via your profile's tools. =)

sorry for not being more specific hehe, I don't sing!

Rebecca said...

I'm afraid I don't have any helpful thoughts, but great idea - looking forward to seeing it progress.

(and honestly, dude. If you keep posting awesome stuff I'm gonna have to give you a regular space over at MMO Melting Pot :P)

Gronthe said...

@ Syl: I started some searches yesterday, I think I've found a few things that could help. I don't want to use any programs that are TOO advanced, but none too simple either where I can't get out of it what I want, but there's potential.

As I said, I'm a quick learner, so I bet that I'll be able to figure out how to load an audio file where I need it. Wish me luck!

@ Rebecca: Aaarrgggh! The pressure!!!! This is going to take a few weeks, for sure, but I'll post regular updates always inviting group participation.

Syl said...

"As I said, I'm a quick learner, so I bet that I'll be able to figure out how to load an audio file where I need it. Wish me luck!"

GL! Looking forward to it! ^^