Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two's Company

Every post for the next two or three weeks will have a dual purpose.

1) Continue doing what I do, writing about the connection between WoW and life and thier resulting issues (that and complete nonsense for the fun of it).
2) To give updates and ask for advice on my newly announced song project: WoW, The Musical.


Should you look for a new job?
I'm curious, have any of you ever attempted to play in a role (tank, heals, or DPS) where you discovered that you were just not that good? I don't mean that 'it didn't feel right' or 'doing X didn't really click with me', what I refer to is a very real ineptitude despite hard work at researching and practicing.

For a long time I thougt that was going to be me as a healer, but I stuck with it longer than I originally wanted to because not only was there a need but I was grateful for a challenge. I wanted to quit, I believed myself really bad, but all it took was one small change and suddenly I became pretty good.

I tried tanking while leveling, but I found that I wasn't very good. I understood the priciples involved and knew my toolbox very well, but I don't think I had a good balance of awareness and quick reflexes to react to things when they went bad. I got too nervous and couldn't keep my cool. Bad traits for a tank.

DPS is natural and easy for me. Rotations make sense to my analytical mind, I find an ease in following a routine. Healing is in between tanking and DPS, and for a while I couldn't find that balance, but eventually it became a natural extension of what my eyes and brain processed, and I could react swiftly to problems.

Maybe I should go back to tanking now I have a handle on healing. Perhaps I wouldn't suck as much now that awareness has been learned. I still wonder, are some people destined to be 'bad' at a certain role because of some trait or characteristic of their person that is a barrier to success? I really don't know, I'm just thinking out loud.


Now for the update on the musical.

I want to create a trio of singers, which may end up straining my voice a bit, but some lemon juice should help with that. I want it to be kind of a funny but dark song. In one corner there will be a Doomsayer who is mocking a poor, innocent Gnome about the impending Shattering. A struggle of wills, so to speak, will be the main theme of the first part of the song.

Just when it appears that the Gnome has found the courage to stand up to an elemental invasion, Deathwing himself appears to taunt the Gnome and bring him to his knees, all the while the Doomsayer laughing in the background, continuing to mock without remorse.

The conclusion is a surprise (or maybe I haven't got that far, you'll never know).

Of course this is what I have right now. I'm working out the lyrics and the melody currently, I'll figure out a way to mix some music in there as well. All of this, remember, is comletely subject to change at will. All I'm doing right now is to let you in on my creative process. Often when I start writing a story I think I've got a great idea but then it all comes crumbling down when I realize that I forgot a small detail. But this detail ends up being the cornerstone for the inspiration of a new idea or new story, and everything changes for the better. So please allow me to change my mind at will, as it may inevitably lead to something far better.

Remember also that I am open to suggestions, and will give full credit to any and all that help make this come together. I realized this morning when I woke up that I put myself in a pretty big hole, needing to deliver on a promise of something I haven't attempted in, well, never anything LIKE this. I have written songs before, but not with the aid of a computer. I shall do my best and hope it doesn't completely suck.


Tesh said...

I think it's fair to believe that some people just aren't cur out for certain roles. It's true in "real life", why not here?

For myself, I've played a Feral Druid for the longest, and while I'm pretty solid with Cat form, I'm a newbie to Bear tanking. I've tried it a few times, and done OK, but it just didn't click. Maybe someday I'll really dig into it and excel, but I just haven't tried.

I've not tried healing. It doesn't appeal to me at all. Whether I'd be bad or good doesn't matter... I don't want to heal. *shrug*

Gronthe said...

@ Tesh: "It's true in 'real life', why not here?"

Yep. Perfect example, I would not make a good salesman, stock trader, marketing director, dancer, accountant (no, wait, I am an accountant, sorry).

For the many, many times I've tried to tank I just suck at it. Isn't variety a wonderful thing? It not only assures us that there will (most likely) be someone for everything, but allows us free expression in those things that interest us the most.

Tesh said...

Wholeheartedly agreed. :)