Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Monday Musings

Beer Pong
How was your weekend? On Friday I, and everyone at work, received an email inviting everyone to a beer pong party at a local Vegas club. My first thought was, 'People at this office really do like their beer' (as this was one in a long line of invites for a Friday night drinking get-together). But beer pong? Really? You're sending out an invitation at work to EVERYONE at work for a BEER PONG party? Try growing up a bit, will ya? I don't care if I offend anyone who enjoys a good beer pong party, but to send out an invite to a bunch of business people? Really? Such is the corporate culture of some offices, I suppose, but I find it a bit immature.

Of the many amazing phenomenons of the PTR, I found a couple more. There seems to be a healthy disdain for Premade characters. I suppose I understand, for it leads to the second issue, really horrible pugs. If you thought pugs were bad on the live servers, try playing with others who are trying out tanking or healing for the first time ever.

Scenario: I zone into a dungeon to test out an 80 lock (yes, I did a premade, but Gronthe is 74, so I wanted to get an idea of what he'll be like a few levels from now, so I knew how to play the class). The healer says, 'Shadow is a good healing spec, right?'. After everyone wipes on the first two sets of trash the pug is disbanded.

Every, single, pug dungeon run (I don't have time or pain tolerance for raiding) has faced at least one person dropping group for some stupid reason. There's always one person who doesn't know what to do. Premades are bad when that person has no clue what they're doing. Although, I must puff up my own ego by saying that I got my 80 fire and frost mage (I don't have a mage of any level, I've deleted them all) to pound out 6K+ DPS in heroics, but I have such good teachers out there in the blogosphere that I can't help but be an awesome premade mage.

People still think that hitting gold cap is cool - those people are still morons.

It's official, but I know you have heard. December 7th. I had guessed Nov. 23, so I was 2 weeks off. Oh well, I tried. At least I know exactly how long I have to finish builing my BoA gear armory. Yes, I use BoA gear because I like it. I raised 3 toons to 80 without it, and Gronthe is almost to 80 with it, and having it has not taken away any fun in the least. I don't always use it, however, as my lock has used a chest piece he got at level 60 and hasn't taken it off. Why? Well I do cheat a bit, putting in 3 epic gems to seriously up the spell power. What!? You would if you could too...maybe. Don't look at me like that, I'm having fun my way, that's all.

I would have you know that all my toons that play on different realms than my mains have to do everything the old fashioned way, I get to enjoy something while I can on ONE toon, I've earned it.

Wow, playing a Discipline Priest with the new talents is FUN. In case you missed it:

F - Is for friends who do things together!
U - Is for you and me!
N - Is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea!


F - Is for fire that burns down the whole world!
U - Is for Uranium...BOMB!
N - Is for No survivors...!

It's a song, from Spongebob, funny as heck too. Plankton is hilarious, and wouldn't make a good Disc Priest, he'd definately go Shadow! Spongebob would make a good Paladin, no brain power needed to do any sort of competitive damage (in Wrath at least).

Soul Swap is the COOLEST SPELL EVER CREATED. Basically, it takes all the Shadow DoT's the Warlock as cast on a target, pulls them off before the target dies, then within 20 seconds can instantly reapply all of them to a new target. Talk about powerful. I was using it in some randoms, and is a great way to go from trash to a boss and absolutly unload shadow damage fast as an Affliction Warlock. But from what I hear, it's going to get nerfed so not as many spells can be swapped. Figures, just when Affliction became the best spec in the Universe it's getting nerfed, ah well, such is the case for everyone's class from their viewpoint at some time or another in the life and history of WoW.

My brain is tired. I can't write any heavy posts this week, so it'll be a week full of frivolity and fun things; or if not fun then simply less deep. I fried my brain last week, and that proved too much. Still, I shall continue to delve into the realms of our souls, as they connect with the games we play and how we play them. Just expect less...thinking this week than others.

My pain meds spilled in my bag that I carry to and from work on Friday. But it wasn't until late Friday night that I noticed that there was a hole in the bottom of my bag and I lost a week and a half's worth of narcotics. Now I have to report it to the police if I have any hope of getting refills, which totally sucks. This, of course, has everything to do with my gaming because if I don't have pain meds I don't play WoW or any game for that matter. Wish me luck in hoping my doctor doesn't think I'm an addict trying to get a larger stash of Percocet, I really am telling the truth, so much so my wife had a panic attack (she's sweet like that).

Best of Luck
An open best of luck to Larisa, who's contemplating her future as a blogger. Whatever you do you know I won't say a contrary word. Would love to keep you around, but if you go at least I'll have months of great archived reading to finish up. May you find what you're looking for.

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