Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4 More to Go Before 4.0.1

This is what I get for spending time with my wife last night. She wanted to hang out and watch some TV together, for lovey-dovey sake and all that jazz. I agreed, of course, because I have my priorities in the correct order (this is in reference to that delightful conversation between Syl and Anonymous last week...simply delightful).

I had come home from work, and my boys started asking me all about the patch 4.0.1 that'll hit today in the states, I guess it'll be Wednesday for Europe, right? Anyway, they were asking me all about the patch and if this or that talent would still be available, etc. It was not a delightful conversation, it was pure funjoy of a conversation.

After that we had some dinner (priorities again in order), watched some of the Monday Night Football game wherein Mr Favre threw another interception to lose yet another big game. Then I got on my DK. His name is Trezzoth, on the Llane realm alliance side, in case you were wondering. He's guildless too, if anyone would like him. I had server transferred him over to help "heirloom-out" my boys' alts, and one of my own. I took just about every heirloom piece from my main server (Malfurion-US), but still didn't have everything I wanted. My boys wanted me to go into Wintergrasp and get the PvP heirloom caster staff and 2H sword with Strength on it (don't ask me for names, I'm too lazy to look them up). I got those that that thrashing sword from WG as well, the one that sometimes does an additional attack.

After gettting that stuff I realized that I was a few pieces short of having every PvE heirloom piece in my bank. I could still use the shoulders/chest for Elemental/Resto shaman (it'll be a Dwarf shaman on this server), but I didn't have them. So Saturday I began to run some heroics for some quick badges, by Sunday night I got the shoulders. All that was left was the chest piece and I'd have EVERYTHING.

So when I got home last night and saw that I had 3 emblems of triumph, I dispaired, but I wanted to give it a go anyway. So after 1) spending quality time talking with and listening to my kids, 2) sharing a family meal, 3) enjoying some quality alone time with my wife, 4) doing other normal life things that take priority over WoW, I finally was able to get online and make a push for 40 emblems.

Queues were fast (about 9 min or so for my DPS DK), groups were good. By 11:50pm PDT I had 36 emblems, I only needed 4 more. There was a group trying to go Malygos (the weekly), but they only had 5 people and there were 11 min until server shutdown. I contemplated another random, but 9 min in queue would only leave 2 min to finish the heroic. I don't care how fast your tank goes, you can't do a full clear in 2 min.

So I was left 4 short. After all the prices are reset to balance around level 85's, heirlooms will be significantly more expensive for my 80. Sure, I'll have time to earn those justice points before 4.0.3 when the new race/class combos and world changes hit, but I really wanted it last night. Alas, 4 short. It wasn't the first time I didn't achieve a goal. I certainly don't regret taking care of RL first, I just wish I had an extra 30 min or so here or there.

I do hope anonymous stops by for a delightful conversation of my own, but I shant worry too much. There are literally 4,498 4.0.1 class guides, 2,674 UI guides, and 3,458 other general 4.0.1 news guides on the internet somewhere (those figures are accurate according to the aliens who tell me so). I won't do one here, unless someone pays me, but I hope you find something useful somewhere. I admit, humbly so, that I do know everything and any guide I wrote would be perfection itself, but I don't wish to make others feel bad. So I leave it to you fine folk to tell me what to do and how to do it. May your blades never dull, unless you're fighting against me in a BG, then don't bother fighting at all because you know you'll lose.

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