Friday, October 8, 2010

Who's on the Bottom?

No, this is not a post about women's tatoos, nor is it about how corporate culture only allows for men to rise to the top of the top positions. This is all about how honest you are...not me, YOU!

And when I say YOU, I don't mean YOU, rather I mean YA'LLS. Not YA'LLS as in just those who read this blog, but YA'LLS as including even those who don't but who post comments on all kinds of forums and blogs throughout the internets that Al Gore invented. I am soooooooo tired. Late nights, little sleep, worrying, fighting with the po-po (yes, I had a fight with a cop, but it was a civilized argument and I didn't get arrested). That's my excuse for my random thoughts.

Where was I? What's the point? Ah yes, honesty. I won't point to any specific comment from any specific forum, but I have an observation to make. Have you ever seen someone say (not an actual quote):

"blah, blah with this setup in X spec I topped the DPS charts every time...blah, blah, blah."

How many out on the internets are claiming that they are tops DPS? Over a year of reading blogs and forums I've see a whole lotta bunch of 'em. So many, in fact, I wonder who is coming in second, third, or even last among the DPS. By proof of sheer anecdotes only, it seems like EVERYONE is topping the charts, which means some of you are lying fornicators. Well, perhaps not fornicators, but definately lying.

The only way I can understand how so many top the charts is this: some of these people solo a lot. No, I change my mind, they are lying. Of course I have no proof for what I'm saying, but I don't need to, I don't work for a Newspaper who would have to fire me then print a retraction for calling people lying fornicators (sorry, did it again, I'm not really saying your fornicators). No, I have a tiny little blog that a few people read, and honestly I've never seen any of my readers claim what I'm talking about, so really I'm talking to the wind here.

Speaking of wind, Las Vegas gets really windy in the winter, which is approaching in a couple months. I'll keep my hair short because I hate combing it in the morning only to get messed up by the time I step through the front door at work.

The next time somebody says "X is why I always top the DPS charts, easy peasy..." I'm going to demand a recount screenshot or demand that they tell their spouse they are a lying fornicator!

Maybe I will, maybe I won't. It's all moot anyway since these people will probably never visit this part of the Al Gore internets. But if you do, here's my warning to you: TELL THE TRUTH! If you land 3rd, say it. It's ok to be third best behind two other really, really, really, really, really awesome DPS, there's no shame in being only really good. Just stop lying (notice I didn't say fornicating?).


Song Update
I want to make something VERY CLEAR. I'm not setting out to write an entire musical, just a song inspired by muscials about the Cataclysm. One song! If I feel like more I will, but one song is all I'll do. I was thinking this morning, I'll probably be so embarassed that I'll stop blogging forever, just disappear, rename myself, and troll everyone else's blog till I get banned from all the Al Gore internets. Yes, that's a likely plan.


Syl said...

oww would you like me to adjust my recent link to you then, saying "song" instead of "musical"? =)

Gronthe said...

No, you're fine. Leave it as musical. Anyone who comes here will know exactly what I'm doing, I just wanted to make double sure that I was clear. As I said, I've been super tired this week and I'm not sure if anything I have written is real or if I'm dreaming.

I hope I'm dreaming, but it may be real...I think you should just ignore me for a couple days until I can get about 30 hours of sleep behind me!