Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Burn or Not to Burn

To Burn or Not to Burn - That is the question.
Whether tis nobler in the game
To level slowly from 80 to 85
Or to oppose such atrocity and to burn,
Aye, to burn through content
As if there is only one important function -
To Raid.
How the heart longs to take it's time
To see the mighty changes of the world,
Deathwing, the Elements, forces of that change.
Would be a sorrow indeed to be blind
to such a Cataclysm for vanity's sake.
But who such bends the will?
Who indeed shall determine, once and for all
Whether tis at all so noble to walk,
and not to run,
Aye to run at the speed of lightning?
Which, when fixing it's eye on the target
Finds its way into the soul, only to find
that through the burn I alone have been burned.
Thus guild leaders makes cowards of us all.
For it's to their will that we might bend,
and leaving all courage behind we burn,
burn our way from 80-85 and not live
our lives that we so arduously created.
Nay, that is left to those with true valor,
to stop, to see, to smell, to live.
The left hand loves meat while the right
delights in the easiness of lettuce.
Tis a choice to be made, but not by me
rather by those whose values we fear.
Even though I find myself in a raiding guild,
am I to put off all that I strive to be,
all that I worked to become, all at the whim
of the guild leader?
Oh that the rules had been set by a lesser man,
and to ask myself if what I value is,
and ever was what my guild leader values;
to run, to be blind, to burn.

From 80 to 85.

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