Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Frivolity!

It's Friday Frivolity time again, boys and girls! I welcome stories from any and everyone on something funny, something insignificant, something of pure senselessness but at the same time worthy enough for you to share it.

Take time to post it in the comments section. It can be a funny thing from real life, from wow, from another game, or anything you like. I just have 2 rules: Please no foul/offensive language and please do not say anything bad about anyone else's comment/story.

This is all about the frivolities of our lives, of our games, and how the two come together so often. Every friday I will leave the forum open to anything that gives you humor and makes you smile. If you want to contribute a post to the front page just email me at I'll review it and post it as long as it meets my criteria above.

Last weekend I was running ICC 25m with part guild part pug. I can't remember what exactly was going on but I started yelling at some idiot who kept blabbing at how awesome he was while standing in fires and dying on every fight. At a time of hightened annoyance my wife walked into the room. I know she asked me some kind of question, but with my headphones on I didn't quite catch it. Unfortunately at the same time she finished asking her question I went on a rant about how utterly stupid that idea was and that "your're an idiot" in various forms strayed from their intended target to my wife's ears.

Next thing I know I hear her scream:


It dawned on me that she thought my response was to her question, not realizing I was yelling at the moron on my screen.

"Oh baby, I wasn't talking about you."

It was about the only thing I could think of quickly. I then pointed to my screen, took off my headphones and asked, "Now what amazing and wonderful thing did you ask me again? I'm sure whatever it is it's perfect."

Oh, that was embarassing indeed.

Let me hear from you, what stories would you like to share today in Friday Frivolity!?

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