Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super Powers - Winner

Whew! That was exhausting. I perused the various entries for my super powers contest, and the winner is...

Da da da da!

Kitten Swarm!

Yes, out of the depths of the mind of an undead hordie comes this terrifying tale of violent cuteness. Spawned by a Blizzard request for hunter pet suggestions, Kitten Swarm is a power, unleashed by a Hunter, where 30 crazed (but cute) kittens swarm the enemy, wrapping it in a ball of yarn thereby rooting him for 10 seconds while the hunter unloads his/her mighty fury.

I can just picture this in action, 30 cute little kittens, so innocent and benign, lure the enemy into a loving coo only to pounce with the ferocity never witnessed (until now) in all of Azeroth.

Yes, beware of the Kitten Swarm - coming to a forest near you!

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