Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Toilet List

I'm sure you've heard of a 'Bucket List', a list of all the things you want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket of death. In a more general sense, it's what you want to do before event X happens. I've seen quite a few bucket lists floating around the internet in various forms, things people want to do before Cataclysm hits.

Well today I'd like to present my Toilet List. Yes, ladies and gentelmen, my toilet list...or the list of all the things that there is no chance of me doing before Cataclysm hits. Not just things that I can't do because it's logistically improbable, like my level18 Hunter killing the LK in ICC 25 Heroic next week. No, I mean things that have about as much appeal to me as sticking my head in a toilet full of...

Maybe I exaggerate, I'm sure I do, but my point is that there are a few things that I have no desire to accomplish because they simply don't appeal to me. They might appeal to you, and that's fine, I'm talking personal preference here and not arguing a side or attempting to offer something as absolute truth. Some of these are specific events while others are activities in general. I'm not asking anyone to agree or disagree, but I'd be curious to see other's Toilet Lists, it would be fun.

Gronthe's Toilet List

Reputation Grinds: None in particular, it's just that I'm sooooooo done with any that matter to me. Over the last few months before Cataclysm I don't think that I would ever want to participate in something where I had to kill like 1000 ogres or 1000 field mice or whatever.

Something like the Explorer title would be cool, but that isn't a grind because you are, by definition, exploring new things and new places with every step forward. The word 'grind' has a negative connotation to it for a reason. So count me out with any more reputation grinds. Also, now faction specific enchants are BoA so there's no specific reason to grind all reps to exhalted.

Loremaster: I want to be understood that I respect this title and achievement. But it's not for me, not now anyway. If I went for this now all I would do is run from quest-giver to quest-giver, look on my map to see where the mobs were, make sure I have bag space for 10 Plague Berries, and burn through without paying any attention to the Lore. I'm not a big one for the lore anyway, in that I don't pay attention as much as others.

Some of the stories are really great and deserve our attention, but there is no way that I would pay that attention if I attempted to earn a Loremaster title now. No, I admit that I would go about it in a rather mechanical fashion, and that is not what that achievement deserves so I'm not going to do it.

Shadowmourne: Not that I could use it (on my Shaman or Priest), although my DK would probably like it. There are certain things about this game that, from the start, have appealed to me and things that have not. I've not ever been big on loot or gear for show. I've concerned myself with equipping the best I can given my circumstances and then performing to the best of my ability, but show has never been a desire.

Now before you think I am saying that "anyone who wants Shadowmourne only wants to show it off and it doesn't have any practical use", I'm not saying that at all. It's that you need to rely on so many factors to obtain it, and I am just way too casual to care. I've got a great guy in my guild who talks about it all the time in every guild and pug run possible. It's his obsession. That's cool, but it ain't mine. Now if it was BoE and he wanted to give it to me I'd take it, but I'm not looking for it.

Gold Cap: Two reasons, 1) I can't forsee any need to have 214K+ gold and 2) I don't care enough to make that much gold. No, I am not a moron or a slacker. I am, in fact, a well educated, highly intelligent and resourceful man but I have my set of values and priorities in this game and gold making simply isn't a priority.

Could I if I wanted to? You bet! I've studied psychology, economics, finance, accounting, sociology and politics to understand market forces and what drives prices and markets...even in a game economy like wow - but I choose to spend my play time in various activities with my many, many alts. It's how I roll and there's nothing wrong with it.

In case you haven't noticed, a common theme for each is that I just don't care enough. I'm not apathetic, I just have priorities and these on my Toilet List aren't one of them. Anyway, continuing.

Tank: I recently leveled my DK to 80. Initially I planned on making him a tank, and told my guild I would do so. But upon reaching 80 I realized something, I don't want to tank. I have tanked all of 3 times in my life on lower level alts (a druid, pali, warrior) and in not one of those instances did I enjoy it in the least. So much for promises. Actually I never promised, I just said that it was likely I would tank. Might I enjoy it in the future? Maybe. But until Cataclysm comes out I ain't-a-tankin'. I love to play DPS classes, and occaisionally heal with my Discipline Priest (I heal with my Shaman but I have no particular love of it - I do it because my guild needs me to).

I don't like to DPS to top the meters, I'm not "one of those guys", but I enjoy the variety that comes with different encounters and differnt abilities that I can use to take down a world elite solo-style. I sometimes enjoy the repitition of rotations, it makes sense to me as an accountant - doing the same thing over and over yielding excellent results feels good to me. Again, I'm not saying that tanking is boring or you can't be creative or useful, all I'm saying is that at least for the next few months, tanking holds zero appeal to me and that's final!

So look, I know there's a lot out there that you want to accomplish before Cataclysm. You may have your bucket list ready to roll. I'd like to know what's on your Toilet List, however, and if there is something that you absolutely will not do before Wrath ends. I'd like to hear from you, fell free to comment as much as you want.


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