Thursday, July 25, 2013


Foray = (as Noun) = 1. "a sudden or irregular invasion or attack for war or spoils" or, 2. "a brief excursion or attempt especially outside one's accustomed sphere {the novelist's foray into nonfiction}"

I made my foray into blogging about World of Warcraft on January 20, 2010.  I continued until May 9, 2012.  To come back now I guess could simply be a second foray, or would it still fall under the definition as my first foray?  Two years plus to blog may be brief to some, and a long time for others.  Frankly, I had no idea what I was doing back in 2010, and know even less today.  Be that as it may, I find myself unusually chatty, if only in my own head, as I'm still quite the introvert and would never be accused of being chatty in real life.

This also happens to be my 200th blog post.  If it hadn't been more than a year since my last post, this would carry some historic weight to it, or something like that.  When a television show hits their 200th episode, that means that it has done quite well.  Most network prime-time television shows record something like 22-24 episodes a year, which means that it would take an average show until sometime in season 9 before reaching 200 episodes.  X-Files had 203 episodes (debatable #, but who cares).  I found 37 TV shows with at least 200 episodes, ranging from shows like Smallville, JAG, Two and a Half Men, and Friends to the shows of more than 400, 500 or 600 episodes (Bonanza @ 430, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet @ 435, Law & Order @ 456, The Simpsons @ 530 and Bonanza @ 635 episodes over 20 years on air).

200 Expansions?
How many years would it take to reach 200 WoW expansions?  250 years maybe?  I'm completely guessing, not even the smallest amount of math was done in my head or otherwise to come up with that number.  Even if we wanted to break it down by patch, we're still looking at what, 40-50 years until we hit patch #200?  Of course there is no way that the technology used to create and run a game such as WoW would be acceptable 20 years from now.  Either the game would have to evolve in every way imaginable, or it would have to go on, but without anyone playing it.

200 Raid Bosses?
I don't mean how many raids will have to be made until we saw the 200th boss, I actually am thinking about a raid with 200 bosses in it.  I don't know how many raid bosses there have been since Vanilla, but I'm guessing it won't be too difficult to get to 200 total raid bosses.  If we haven't already, we probably will in the next 3-5 years, right?  But imagine a raid with 200 or more bosses in it?  With a community crying out for a huge raid like Ulduar, imagine for a moment if the devs said among themselves, "so they want a big raid?"  How about a raid  that will take more than 2 years to complete?  What would the super high-end elite guilds to en racing for world firsts?  I think Mountain Dew would be sold-out world wide, along with Hot Pockets and, uh, large glass jars (use your imagination).

No, I have nothing special planned for my 200th post, which nobody will probably read since I've been inactive for over a year and the 4 people who read my blog probably don't play WoW anymore.  /sigh

If you do stop in for a visit, let me know, what 200 of something would be worthy to broadcast in your gaming career?  200 Oculus dungeon runs?  200 flasks consumed during one raid season?  200 arena match wins?  What, if you earned 200 of something, would be considered epic for you?

Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Gronthe of Deuwowlity

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