Monday, September 27, 2010

PTR Economy

Someone please 'splain dis to me, cause I ain't gettin' it at all. Why do people play the gold game on beta or PTR realms? It's not the real game, it's a place to test things, for crying out loud!!! Why some decide to charge 2,000 gold for one epic gem just doesn't make sense to me.

Don't give me crap about "lower supply + higher demand = raises equilibrium prices for all products" crap, etc., etc., etc. It's a TEST REALM, where we're supposed to test certain features and mechanics, spells and content, etc. To make the game better would it not benefit all of us if we had access to all the features without having to pay for them?

Things get bugged on the PTR. Sometimes your professions don't work, but you want to test something. You can ask nicely for someone whose professions do work to provide you with the needed supplies, or you can quickly run to the AH to see if there's something available there. But you get to the AH and see that Joe Blow is trying to pay for his Ho by charging you 3,500 for a glyph! What's the point? That dude is trying to hit gold cap on the PTR? What's the point? He/She is just being a jerk and I say they should be banned.

There should be a rule about AH postings on the PTR or Beta. Nothing can exceed 5 gold...period! Chilled meat or Epic gem, there's a reason the PTR exists and it's not to screw someone who finds themselves in a hurry wanting to test something but can't because his/her professions are temporarily bugged. These snake oil salesmen should be burned at the stake for their astonishing greed and stupidity.

I know, I know, you don't HAVE TO use the AH on PTR, but sometimes when you can't do something and nobody is responding and you want to test but can't unless you have X, I'm just saying that at times you have to get what you can where you can. But there should be rules about the PTR so that some loser can't take all your 5K in one swipe (for premades). When I saw that this past weekend I about vomited on my monitor. It's the kind of immature crap that will keep me away from any beta/PTR testing in the future.


Mike ... said...

Played on PTR over the weekend and it was damn frustrating. Most people's (including mine) professions didn't work and getting enchants etc was difficult.

All of it not helped by players who seemed to think that having a working professions entitled them to charge stupid amounts of money.

Gronthe said...

@ Mike: What sucks is now I can't get back on the PTR. I hate computers sometimes, but I hate stupid prices even more. :)

Anonymous said...

I suspect part of it was to confirm the rumour that the gold cap has been raised. It's now 1 million.