Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Best Add-ons Never to Make it to Live

I was surfing the other day, not the internet, but in Hawaii on a real surfboard. Just think about it, I'm in Hawaii and you're not, how exactly does that make you feel?

Okay, I'm not nor was I in Hawaii and I wasn't surfing the giant waves on that famous beach with the sand and stuff, I was surfing the internet for some really cool add-ons. I found this site that had add-ons that Blizzard had banned and found a few that would have been really useful.

Here's a list:

Finger Pointer
This is an add-on useful for group activities such as 5-mans and raids. It works something like DBM, but with a twist. Whenever any party/raid member remains standing in "bad stuff" for at least 1.5 seconds, a taunting, disembodied voice shouts out to all party/raid members:

"Hey ______, get out of the damn fire, you idiot!"

It would be great. This way when asked if you stood in the fire too long you no longer can deny it. What better way to improve the skills of your raid group than through public shame?

Good Idea?
This nifty little add-on functions much like the "Ready Check" tool we're all familiar with. After reviewing a strat for a fight the RL pushes a button and asks the shy, no-confidence, raid members if they think that that particular strat is a Good Idea? The raid members answer anonymously, so nobody but the raid leader can view the responses. Upon seeing that 6 out of 10 see that it's a bad idea the RL will say:

"Well, considering most of you are too shy to say anything anyway, we'll just proceed with my strat. But thanks for telling me it's not a good idea, at least I'll have that to hang over your heads when it comes time to promote the next officers in the guild."

Cry Baby
This is a sleek, light weight add-on for all you PvPers out there. Here's how it works. Any time you engage in any PvP battle, whether it be a duel, Arena or in a BG, whenever your toon loses a fight he/she begins to stomp their feet, shout obscenities into the air, then proceed to fall into a fetal position whimpering before actually dying. The cool thing about this add-on is that it tends to spread like a virus to all other computers of your fellow PvPers you ever engage with. Which means eventually everyone who PvPs will have this addon whether they like it or not. It got rave reviews when the beta version was launched, but Blizzard didn't like the behavior demonstrated as it was too close to the behavior of their largest investors over the past two years.

Probably the most controversial add-on that never made it live was this little bugger, Crash. Used primarily by dedicated raiders, Crash could mimic a total systems crash even during the most stressful of raid encounters. With the simple click of a button, Crash would show that you had been kicked offline but your toon would remain under your control in-game. This would allow a person to committ all sorts of errors during a raid with the no-lose excuse of "I was offline, I couldn't avoid getting cleaved", when the truth was that the raider had a thing for boss crotches and didn't want to tell his fellow raiders of this unseemly little fettish.

Before it was banned I was actually able to see Crash in action as a fellow raid member, a Priest if I recall, thought he would experiment and stand in front of Rotface during the whole fight. His reasoning? "I thought I saw his foreign object and wanted to get a closer look."

Disturbing, just disturbing. Luckily it was banned the following day.

What about you?
So what add-ons would you like to see in the game? Is there anything that you know of that had a moment in the spotlight but later faded into oblivion like these? Taking requests here all week.

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