Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Better Late than Never?

So I know I said I stopped raiding...but I can't really count this as a raid, what I did last night. On a whim, a bunch of guildies thought it would be cool to try for our "The Twilight Zone" achievement (25-Man) last night.

Pull #1: 20%, the tank didn't know where the flame wall was and walked straight into it. It was pretty funny, actually. Nobody left the group, so we went in again.

Pull #2: We got to within 0.3766% of victory. That's not 3.7%, it's a 0.3766%. Three tenths of one percent. Talk about frustrating, and again rather funny. But we knew we had the dragon exactly where we wanted her.

Pull #3: 40% - again with the flame wall...c'mon guys, it's not like we can't see when it's coming.

Pull #4: 2.5107% away from victory. Good, we're moving in the right direction again.

Pull #5: A rogue drops group, we pull in a Warlock (yippee, I hope he was Affliciton). The person who was supposed to control Tenebron finally understands what he's supposed to do.

BAM! Twilight Assist, Duo, and Twilight Zone all in one happy screen. Didn't win the mount, somebody rolled a 99...then another rolled a perfect 100. All in all, not a bad night for a half guild, half pug fun run. It took only about 45 minutes or so, so I wasn't hurting at the end. I got a nifty new title to go with my 15 others, so that's nice too.

Plus, as I was doing this on my Shaman and asked what role I wanted to fill I said, without hesitation, ENHANCEMENT. Because, as you all know, that's what I love. It was actually quite funny since I have not been around my guild in a while, many of the newer guild members didn't know if I was properly geared for the zerg run we were about to attempt. 'How's your dps?' I was asked. 'Is it any good?' - I laughed to myself then responded, 'Heck ya!'.

3rd Overall damage done, not bad for a dude who almost never raided as enhance and hasn't been around for heroic runs or Ruby Sanctum while everyone else was all "leeted out". I dare say that I KNOW MY CLASS. :) Anyway, enough self-promotion, I am just very happy to be able to do something fun with my guild that didn't take too much out of me. I didn't realize how much I missed them. I might do it again sometime, for a chance at the drake.

One more thing, I respect those of you out there who got this achievement when a zerg was an impossibility, or where strategy and execution were far more important than the group I was in last night. Not to say it was easy for us, but 5 pulls compared to what some of you did when it meant a lot more? I got off easy. I take nothing away from you, your achievement was far more significant than mine. But that's not going to stop me from being happy about it! Hooorrraaayyy!


LarĂ­sa said...

Better late than never! Grats! It's a fun fight, isn't it? We had quite a few wipe nights (meaning 20+ wipes for 3 hours straight) before we got it, in the time when zerg was out of the question. It was definitely one of my most proud moments in Wrath, yes, probably the best kills of all. We had really worked hard for it. It took me more than a year of farming it before I finally was lucky with RNG and got my mount. That was a great thing too, that it wasn't a one thing-only event, but that we kept going back to get more mounts.

Gronthe said...

@ Larisa: Yeah, I wish I was raiding back when it was truly impressive to achieve this. But everyone arrives at a different time to parties. Still, it's a fun fight, and for me a fun night with some good people.

And thanks! :)

Syl said...

Indeed, one of the most epic moments in all of WotLK for me too!! and the title rocks!

Gratz Gronthe! =)