Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Innocent Opinions of Coolness

Have you ever been presented with something potentially really cool only to somehow rationalize it in your mind that it may not be as cool as you thought because of X, Y or Z?

Prime example, the recent discovery of an Alchemy only mount in Cataclysm, the Sandstone Drake, where via the discovered Vile of the Sands an Alchemist can learn how to transform into a dragon capable of carrying an ally on their back. See picture here. This is cool, right? I mean, a non-Druid not only gets to shapeshift, but turns into a frickin' mount that can carry another person on its back. As to give justification to my opinion that this is cool, I need to go no further than to ask my kids.

"Yo, kids, check this out", I says to dem.

Dem kids say, "No frickin' way, that's soooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!"

Meanwhile, there are yet others who have been poisoned by their own cold hearts, advanced age and jealousy that say things like, "We'll see about this, I'd like to find out what the other profession mounts are first before I get too excited about anything."

Awe, c'mon dude! How can you be so cold about this? So what if you're not an Alchemist, take this by itself - it's frickin' cool! Even cooler would be if that passenger was a frickin' shark with a frickin' lazer on its head. But alas, I'll settle for a guildie if it comes to it.

I think there are little things like this that just make me sit back and stare at the calendar waiting for Cataclysm to arrive. There will be time to mourn over the social breakdown of our civilization via the introduction of even more invasive technology, but just for a moment, just for one second let's shout out a simultaneous 'COOL' for the utter coolness of this cool new mount. I actually am looking forward to see what, if any, other professions mounts will be introduced without lessening the coolness of the current. I will also not complain that it can't carry two allies, like the mammoth can, because that's just petty.

The only question is, if I turn into a dragon, will people try to kill me? I mean, I will become and internet dragon. The only solution will be to use among friends.


Anonymous said...

It'll be fun to carry shapeshifted druids. A tree riding a dragon - how fun is that?

Syl said...

I will be able to turn into a dragon via alchemy?? =O
now thats wicked! and i agree with you, gief more shiny useless gadgets nao!