Friday, February 12, 2010

Like...Gag me with spoon!

If you don't know what a Valley Girl is, see here. Having been born and raised in New England, the Valley Girl life never really appealed to me. All I did was make fun of the way they talked.

"So Billy, you want to, you know like, you want to go play football?"

"Totally like, duh! That would be like so totally wicked" (The wicked was and is heavily used where I grew up)

"Awesome, why, like I am so excited. Let's so go like, now!"

You have to remember that intonation was like so key to Valspeak. It's pretty much the opposite of Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If his speach was dull grey, a Valley Girl was hot pink and every color in the rainbow.

I wonder what it would sound like in WoW?

VG1: "Hey Shrentblablabla, like whatever your name is. Check out my new eipc, it's like, so totally purple"

VG2: "I know right?"

VG1: "Yeah, why, I'm now so much more powerfuler than you. I've got like, so many hit points."

VG2: "Like, duh, I know right? But are you like, trying to say that I'm like, just not cool or something?"

VG1: "Duh!"

VG2: "I'm gonna like, get me some better epics than you. You'll be on the floor like, so crying."

VG1: "You wish. Your like, such a noob, you don't have any epics"

VG2: "What EVER! So like, you know, I'm gonna like, so get me some of that."

VG1: "Some of like, what?"

VG2: "You know, like some of that awesomeness stuff, you know. Like, Purples!"

VG1: "Whatever! You're still like, a total noob."

In other words, LFM for ICC, 20K GS, 50K DPS, know fight, no noobs, no fail group (or you're so like, not even coming).

"Ugh! Gag me with a spoon! Like, as if I'm ever gonna have like, that kinda DPS. That guy is like, a total loser. C'mon Shertblablabla whatever your name is. Let's like, get so outta here. Server Transfer!"

Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you Mr Outrageous expectation sir.

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