Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fantasy or Reality

I was in a foreign country, I did not look or sound like the natives. The clothes that draped me were dark, non-descript, but I stood out in a crowd. I had a type of armor on, or at least that's what I was told.

In the distance I spied a group of miscreants lurking in the shadows. They looked like they were holding weapons, or was it some sort of prohibited beverage? It was hard to tell.

Their eyes in unison looked up to meet mine. Glaring contest, who would win? I had a bag filled with random items: books, metal objects, paper, pens, and other stuff. Could I use any to ward off the impending attack?

The miscreants approached. They did not pounce on me like a lion on its prey, rather a threat issued from a hole in the center of their leader's face.

"I've got a knife, you might want to get out of here unless you would like me to use it against you."

Did I mention my friend was next to me?

My friend couldn't keep his mouth shut. "Show it to me, pal, cause we ain't goin' nowhere."

Great, why can't my friend just shut up?

There was no knife, but there were five of them and two of us. We began to walk away, slowly, backwards. We needed to watch them until we got to safety.

The next thing I know I hear a man yell out "The two tanks have aggro on the mobs...ATTACK!"

Blinding flashes of light illuminated the night sky as fire, ice and mists of shadow enveloped the miscreants. Swords clashed, axes hued, the miscreants fell upon each other in a pile of blood and ash. We were safe. I woke up.

Have you ever had a dream where a real life event was inturrupted by memories of a WoW raid night? I just did. The first part actually happened to me somewhere in South America, the second...well, that happened too, but it wasn't exactly real life.

I went back to sleep, maybe I can dream of snowflakes and sipping hot chocolate.


LarĂ­sa said...

Sadly enough I never remember my dreams. So I still don't know if they include Warcraft. Maybe.

Gronthe said...

I can actually recognize that I'm dreaming while I'm dreaming. It's really cool.

I don't dream about wow often, but that one brought back both a scary moment with a bit-o-flare. Weird.