Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gear Score: Who benefits the most?

Backdrop: I have been asked to heal ICC with one of my toons that isn't Gronthe. I don't want to reveal the name to protect the identity of everyone else. This particular toon of mine is dual-spec DPS/Heals. My main spec is DPS and is more than qualified to run ICC. My offspec is heals, and the gear isn't quite up to par with my DPS set. Actually, it isn't quite up to par with anybody in my raid group. However, lately I have been asked to take on more healing responsibilities.

Technically speaking, my healing gear is right around the minimum to enter ICC, that's good, right? I have known and witnessed DPS'ers who seem to outplay their gear because they know how to play their class so well they can put out superior DPS, outdoing others with much higher gear score. I am one of these, when I DPS. I am really, really good and can put out heavy numbers, I know how and when to use my abilities to CC, interrupts, etc. I know my DPS class like my own children (maybe that's not a good thing, but I'm a great dad, so shut up!).

I haven't been healing very long, however, but I've somehow managed to gather some descent gear along the way. My problem is that it seems that it's difficult for a healer to out-heal an equally skilled healer with lesser gear. IN MY OPINION (not imo), gear score may just be important for healing classes. With improved gear comes greater spell power, haste, crit rating, and more gem slots. All of these improve the power of my heals and the speed at which I can get them off so people don't die. Lesser healing gear means the opposite, smaller heals and slower casting...thus less healing. For ICC, this is bad.

My raid group is young, only half of us have significant raiding experience, so some are still learning the ropes. I'm on the younger end, especially as a healer. Maybe I am underestimating my skill, maybe that's why I keep being asked to heal. Maybe I do so well our RL is willing to put what I view as an undergeared healer in the group, expecting to succeed in the process. Problem: we're only "sort-of" succeeding. Nobody has said "it's the healer's fault", mainly because we have a self-depricating tank who takes blame for everything. But I feel it's my fault. I also am beginning to resent my RL because I know I'm not geared or experienced enough to heal ICC but he keeps putting me on duty.

I feel like this is an entry into my personal journal, or that I'm just thinking out loud and you have to listen to my ramblings. But I can't help but think that for healers, gear score, even though it's not the "end-all" in determining success, certainly seems to be much more important than for you DPS'ers (I'm not going to talk about tanks because I just don't know).

I dare you to tell me I'm wrong.

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