Monday, July 26, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Gulping in the arid desert air, I looked around to see the moon rising to its zenith, the stars glimmering in its wake, and Orgrimmar staring down at me. Me, a lonely Night Elf, alone in the night on the verge of the solo raid of a lifetime.

Well alright, perhaps it wasn't the most EPIC raid ever, but it sure got my heart racing like Lance Armstrong in the French Alps. Orgrimmar's side gate, easy access, minimal player interference. Yes, it was here that I would make my assult on the city.

Taking a deep breath I moved my trusty steed Applecider forward and took the plunge! My heart rate doubled the second I crossed the bridge, knowing that any player (non NPC) interference would spell my certain doom. Classic Dungeonmaster harkening me and Ragefire Chasm taunting me I rode through the streets with the speed of light itself.

Rounding the corner near the Horde battlemaster I encountered a small problem that I didn't foresee...a net was thrown over me, holding me down while a powerful 80 Elite orc pounded me with his sword. Chains of Ice, escape, I needed to get out of there and NOW! Success, he was too far behind me now, but others joined in the fray and were dazing me senseless, my health was fading. Down into the cavern I started to make my run, I had to turn around, even for a second, I had to find a way to slow as many pursuers as possible. 2,000 health left, I can see the instance portal in front of me.

1,500 HP

1,200 HP

1,000 HP

500 HP




I made it, just in time, I was taunting now. HA! Now this chasim will feel my raging fire!

The whole experience was sort of a last second sort of thing. But it was fun. I've been on "For the Alliance" runs before, and it can be thrilling to enter the enemy capital city and take out its leaders. This was different, it was even more thrilling because I was alone. Not the first (looking at you, you stinking Rogues) and won't be the last to brave the challenge of Orgrimmar alone in search of the lowest of intance portals. Even if it was possible to use the Dungeon Finder, which I didn't check on purpose, I wouldn't have done it. It would not have given me a memorable experience. This...this was memorable, and totally worth killing level 13-14 elites with my all powerful 80 DK. I loved every heart pounding minute of it.


Tesh said...

I went and soloed Gnomeregan with my Tauren Druid at level 51. I did try to sneak through Stormwind en route (to take the Tram), but that didn't end well. Still, pottering around in enemy territory can be a lot of fun, and beating up on lowbie bosses is nice and cathartic. I took the place at my own pace instead of a frantic PUGgish train wreck.

Gronthe said...

@ Tesh: Cathartic indeed! I think if I had tried that in prime time I could have been killed, but at 1am server, all I had to deal with were the guards.

Doing that kind of stuff solo is great fun, and it may almost be considered and "achievement" of sorts.