Monday, July 12, 2010


The oposite of gathering professions, a Gardener would be able to put many different things into the world. They can plant herbs for others to pick, receiving royalty payments for however much their plants sold for. They can raise animals in various locations around the world for skinners to then kill and harvest. They could have geology as a hobby and be able to plant mining nodes around the world and make money in the same manner as the herbs they planted.

So instead of taking out of the earth these Ranchers would put back.

Of course there would be restrictions, such as no planting or animal farms within 300 yards of any village, city or outpost. Their work would need to be in the wilderness. As a bonus, and with their knowledge of the land, they can constuct graveyards anywere they want in their travels (with cooldowns, of course) to assist in the leveling experience.

Crafters give back to the people, gatherers take from the land, how about something that would give back to the land and give to the people at the same time? Just a thought.

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