Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And you are...

My wife and I play a game while watching movies or TV, it's called 'Who would you be'? Randomly one of us will ask the other, "If you could be anyone in this show/movie, and live their lives, who would you be?' There's often some variation of the game, like, 'If you could be best friends with anyone in the show/movie, who would you want to be friends with.

Whenever this happens it's a rule that the other must give a complete answer, full of reasons why we are making that particular choice. Sometimes we go a bit deeper and ask each other "Who are you?" Meaning, of all the characters in this show/movie, who do you most connect with or who is closer to your personality, etc than anyone? It gets really funny sometimes, mainly when I choose a leading actress and I have to give reasons why I am more like a woman than I am myself, a man.

Let's play the game, shall we? Two questions, similar but separate, I require an asnwer to at least one of the two. You cannot use a player-controlled character, that's stupid and lazy, please select any NPC within the World of Warcraft game, so:

1) Who would you be?


2) Who are you? (i.e. Which NPC is most like you in character, personality, etc).

Who would I be?
Lord Jaraxxus, eredar lord of the Burning Legion. Yep, I'd love to be him. Firstly, not having grown up in old England, I've never really been considered a lord of anything. So to satisfy my selfish desires of others to bow before me and proclaim me their lord and ruler, I guess has a nice ring to it. But seriously, I would want to be Jaraxxus for one simple reason:

Tirion: Grand Warlock Wilfred Fizzlebang will summon forth your next challenge. Stand by for his entry.

Fizzlebang: Thank you, Highlord! Now challengers, I will begin the ritual of summoning! When I am done, a fearsome Doomguard will appear! Prepare for oblivion!

Enter Jaraxxus...not a doomguard.

Fizzlebang: Ah ha! Behold the power of Wilfred Fizzlebang, master summoner! You are bound to ME, demon!

Lord Jaraxxus: Trifling gnome, your arrogance will be your undoing!

Fizzlebang: But I'm in charge her-

Jaraxxus kills fizzlebang...looks around, wonders whether or not he can get a Starbucks. Upon realizing that there's not a good cup of coffee to be found in Northrend, he gets mad and starts attacking everyone else in the room.

That's right, for the pure joy of being able to kill Mr. Fizzlebang, I would love to spend a day in the shoes (he wears New Balance, btw) of the unsettled Lord Jaraxxus.

Who am I?
This is extremely difficult, there are many choices that would be appropriate in my case. However, after much ado I came to realize that I am a lot like Muradin Bronzebeard. Please allow me to quote a section from WoWwiki about his personality, I'll draw my similarities from that description.

Muradin is a kindhearted dwarf, fond of good ale and good company. He is a steadfast ally and a ferocious enemy. His years abroad have tempered his Ironforge accent, and he carries himself proudly — he represents both the Bronzebeards and all of Khaz Modan. He enjoys a challenge, whether in exploration, game or battle. Muradin relishes a good fight and willingly throws himself against his enemies. A dwarf of many interests, he appreciates foremost ancient architecture, new lands, strange creatures and the mysterious Titans. Muradin possesses high morals and ethics, always helping those in need and smashing evil whenever he finds it.

I consider myself a nice, good-hearted bloke, who enjoys a good IBC Rootbeer - nice and cold! It takes me a long time to call somebody a friend, but once I do I will defend that person as fiercely as if they were a brother or a sister, a lover or a child...my friends become my family. I've lived in other countries, which have seriously dulled my pure Maine accent that I had for many, many years. Now I find myself speaking part southwestern drawl, part Argentine spanglish, and part upper NE New Englandy with a hint of french Canadian influence. It's a complete mess.

I love a challenge, I love thinking about how I can make a game out of sticks, batteries, and paper dolls that will entertain a room of 500 businessmen. I have taken on tasks at my job where the CFO has proclaimed it IMPOSSIBLE to achieve...I've done it! I have many interests, from games to movies to great literature to classical music and modern day hip hop. I'll pick up Tolstoy one day and JK Rowling the next. Variety is the code I live by. I love studying other cultures, their archetecture, language, customs, everything I can.

And finally I enjoy helping others and doing what I can to fight against the evil influences of the day...The Hills, politicians, diet soda, and such. All in all, I think Muradin and I have a lot in common.

I'd love to hear from you, just answer one of the two questions posed above and have some fun with it. Thanks for stopping by.

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