Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Frivolity and Wet Towels!

Bit of a downer week, eh? But it's Friday (night for some, morning for me) and it's time to rejoice for what could possibly go wrong on a Friday (except for getting a parking ticket on my last day of work of my last job when I had a handicap placard in my car but the cop didn't see it). For those working professionals who strive to bring home the bacon in time to log in for a few hours of prime-time raiding, I say well done! You've made it through a week without being fired for playing WoW, so good for you!

I've got big-bad mother-in-law coming into town this weekend. Believe it or not the event is more distressing to me than it would if I were FORCED to participate in the RealID idiocy that's been spreading like the ebola virus. Yes, I just compared my mother-in-law to the ebola virus, I am sorry I couldn't think of anything worse.

When you take a napkin or paper towel and get it wet, it shrinks and even sometimes tears easily. Take a washcloth and wet it down and you have a sufficient tool to clean your counter tops. Now take a bath towel and soak it, what happens? It gets really heavy. I've never done the math, but it's got to be like 5x as heavy, maybe 10x.

Did you ever play "Tent City" as a kid? You may not have called it that, but essentially you take sheets, blankets, whatever, pull in some chairs and heavy books and proceed to cover the chairs with those sheets and blankets effectively making a giant tent city in your room? The books are to hold down the edges of the sheets/blankets. Substitute those soft sheets with wet towels and your fairly-tale city comes crashing down, soaking your perfectly ironed clothes in the process.

That's kinda been my (and other's) mood this week. The RealID wet towel syndrome spoiling our make-believe, fantasy tent city fun and games.

But they ain't gonna spoil my weekend, that's the job of my mother-in-law. I'm taking this weekend and I'm gonna pour my heart into all the fun I can have. My boy's B-Day, potential LK victory, maybe a date with my wife, and a shopping trip to the office chair store. I just server transered my level 80 DK to a realm my kids play on so we can share BoA stuff and I can help them out more and have more fun with them.

My frivolity will be epic and I'm taking my kids with me. I love that they have not been weighed down by the wet towels this week, they don't really understand the seriousness of the issues I've tried to inform them about. But they're still innocent, something I wish I could still claim of myself.

Alas, innocence is usually reserved for the young, whilst the old linger under the ausmus of wet towels everywhere. Don't get trapped under wet towels this weekend, clean those sheets and use plenty of fabric softener. Make your room smelling fresh and sweet, and enjoy a weekend of frivolity without the weight of the issues at hand. Two days off of everything won't hurt anything.

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