Friday, November 12, 2010

New Capital City Challenge

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that Dalaran will no longer be the hub and capital city of all level cap toons. No longer will we be able to hearth and port our way around the globe. Yes, it's convenient, but I'm glad it will be gone.

So am I to expect Stormwind or Ironforge to become my new capital city? Hardly. I have a better idea. I vote to create a new capital city, Las Vegas!

Let me explain what I'd like to do today, then I'll be the first to participate. I'd like to call anyone willing to comment to propose why they think that their RL home city should be the next new capital city in WoW. Set aside all the immersion crap for a moment and indulge in this little fantasy game. It can be one, two, ten or one hundred reasons, but for the sake of fun and fun alone, I would like to hear from anyone willing to make a case for the city they live in. As I live in Las Vegas, I'll make a case for Sin City. You may follow with arguments for your own home town.

So, without further ado:

Las Vegas in Azeroth
First of all, I would like to clear up a rumor that seems to easily spread around the world about Las Vegas - which, in case you cared is part of Clark County, Nevada. Prostitution is NOT allowed in Clark County, it is not legal in Vegas consequently, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a traitor to Mother, just kidding on the traitor thing. I'm not saying it doesn't happen in Vegas, but it is illegal, period!

That out of the way, I believe that Las Vegas would be a great Azeroth city because the strength of this great city is in the ability to plan, host, and effectuate events. Vegas is an EVENT city. Nobody is better anywhere at putting on a one night show. If you're looking for a guild event to help bring people together, Las Vegas is the place to go. Back in the 70's, 80's and 90's, when boxing was still strong, nobody put on a more exicting, well run, boxing event than Vegas. Entertainers from around the world have found homes here in Sin City and put on some of the greatest shows that can be found anywhere.

You want a convention? Great! Come to Vegas. Quite honestly I think Blizzcon should be in Vegas. It could be bigger, better, more poeople could come here and it would turn into the biggest party anyone has ever seen. Sorry for the tangent, I'll get back to my Azeroth arguments.

Another strength of Vegas are its people and the service they provide. If ever there was a city founded on a Service Economy, Las Vegas is it. It's our job to welcome people and make sure they have a great time. Sure, it's also our job to take your money and use it fund our state budget and allow us to never pay state income tax, but you like it so it's a win-win for everyone involved. But it's more than just money, the service workers of Vegas work their tails off (ex-draenei and all) to make your visit as welcoming as possible. We know we can entertain, and any efforts made to get you into our shows is done out of a confidence, a knowledget that our service will cause you to have fun!

If you're not into big events or pampered services, there are still others strengths of the Las Vegas Community. It is, unknown to many outsiders, a friendly and family-oriented community outside of the brigt lights and fancy cars. The parks, movies, restaurants, music, theater, and community centers allow people to settle down and isolate themselves, if they wish, from the powers of The Strip that bind some people, er, that serve our wonderful visitors. Granted, the schools aren't great, but more reason for guilds/families to help teach each other or use outside resources to gain the knowledge needed to achieve goals.

If you want to be a part of a guild that doesn't act like a corporation, but a family, Las Vegas is the capital city you want to go to. Yes, you'll find entertainers, the best events, tremendous service, but you'll also find the most down-home, level-headed guilds/families anywhere in the world. Part of this, I believe, is that Vegas has attracted the best people from all around the globe. If you are looking to server or faction change, Vegas is the melting pot you will want to jump into. It's the place so many others have gone and have found a HOME there. Las Vegas could serve as the place to connect. Combine the power of networking with the service of the residents, Las Vegas could become the most populated capital city in Azeroth within weeks, if not days.

Organization, entertainment, service, community - these are the strengths of Las Vegas and are attributes that would make it the biggest and best new capital city in Azeroth for all to enjoy!


LarĂ­sa said...

I've been to Las Vegas once a few years ago. I'm glad to have seen it and I'm a sucker for neon lights at night but tbh I don't think I fit in. I find the sound of the gaming machines sickening, I feel nauseaous in those buildings since they make me feel as if I was on a ferry and I always get sea sick on those. And I don't gamble about money, not a singel penny. And then you're probably better off somewhere else.... But it is special, it really is. Thrown out in the middle of the desert. Like some weird distant planet in the galaxy. Unreal. Suiting for a game capital, yeah, why not?

Gronthe said...

@ Larisa: I hate slot machines too. I've never gambled a penny in my life and won't start now. For all the dangers it posesses, it has its strengths, and it'd be fun to inject those strengths into a new capital city in Azeroth. It'll never happen, but it fun to think about.