Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Great Deal

My life is Fruit Punch, a tasty blend of this and that when mixed together create a smooth, refreshing blend of all kinds of stuff. I'm still unemployed, and that sucks, but life and games move on ever so. I have another toon at 80, hooray, and even though there's not much time till Cata I'm having fun with him.

Even my son has an 80 toon, which he loves to PvP with. But just last night he shared a desire to make some gold and level his professions more before the expansion but he doesn't exactly have the time to do it. So, how to solve this?

He as desires, and I need help too. So, I made a deal with my kid. I will farm with his toon and run one heroic per day, in return he will use his strong arms and legs to massage my back and neck for 5 minutes every night. For those of you new to my blog, I have a bad back injury, and have had it now for more than two and a half years. My muscles get tight as a result of the damage in my spine, and working out the knots is good for my health.

So, he agreed. Now he gets something that he wants, and I get something that I really need help with daily. To be fair to my kid, he often offers to scratch my arms or rub my neck, but that only once a week, if that. This is a mutually beneficial trade for the next month, something I believe will truly work out well for the two of us.

Of all you people out there, some are single and some are not. I don't believe that any have made deals like I made with my son, but I suppose it's possible. But what other deals have you made? Do you offer to clean the kitchen and take out the garbage if your "special someone" allows you to raid for three hours on Thursday night instead of two? Do you trade days of the week for time spent? Do you pay people in your family to leave you alone? I don't know, there are infinite possibilities I suppose, but I wonder what sorts of deals that other people make? And how far do those deals cross over into real life?

Deal making is a tricky business sometimes, I've tried to make deals with my family before and some didn't really turn out to be successful ones. But I think this latest deal is a great one, and I look forward to nightly knots being undone in my back, while he looks forward to a chest of gold and high level professions!

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Syl said...

LOL this sounds like an awesome arrangement to be honest, I never thought of making deals like that with my better half, but now that you mentioned it I COULD USE a backrub every now and then! ;D
mmmm...what to offer in return though? /scratch head

while I've never made such deals outside the game really, I have made "tit for tat" deals with fellow players, helping each other out that way is always great. and once I even established a business connection cross-faction which worked in a similar way!