Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Incredible Hulk

I cannot say how many times I've been in Utgard Pinnacle and somebody says "Hey, can we do the Hulk achieve?" People then proceed to burn down both the Hulk and the boss, or some other stupid variation.

That's it, I am convinced that nobody knows what this achievement really is or how to do it. Well, nobody is a big word, so I won't say that, but my personal experience shows that more than 90% of people that have tried to get the achieve have no idea how it's done.

I wish to enlighten the 90% here and now, so spread the word.

A simple strat is thus:

1) Pull either Hulk and have the tank tank both the boss and the hulk in the center of the alter. DPS need to damage the Hulk, probably to somewhere less than half to a quarter remaining health, but don't DPS the boss...yet.

2) The tank continues to stand on the table/alter while the sword is being lowered for the Ritual of the Sword. Once the sword lands on the alter AoE damage will issue forth from the sword, damaging the Hulk enough to kill him.

3) Down the boss.

You see, the goal of this achievement is to have Sorrowgrave (aka the boss) kill the Hulk...not the stalwart heroes like yourself. It seems that this is the part nobody knows, she must kill him, NOT YOU. So all you idiots, please stop killing the Hulk, bring him to the table and take out some health and let the Ritual of the Sword finish him off.

BAM!!! The achievement is yours. Please play responsiby!

Thank you for your attention, have a pleasant morning/afternoon/evening/night (wherever you may live).


Anonymous said...

I had trouble getting a group through this achievement as well. Honestly I think that people are just GOGOGOGO bored with heroics and don't bother to read party chat or pay any attention. Luckily, after the first Hulk was "accidentally" killed by dps who weren't paying attention, my tank grabbed the other one and the two of us (tank and healer) dpsed him down enough that the sword killed him.

Lazaros of Llane said...

If you're ever on a Llane character and working on Glory to the Hero, give us a shout. We've been working on them with our plethora of mains and alts. Always happy to have one more join the fray.