Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wow, I suck. I really need to stop making promises I can't keep. As I said the last time I ever wrote something, I had been laid off of work. Basically I just stopped blogging so that I could focus on getting a job and providing for my family. It's important to me, more important than anything else. I realize I may have alienated my reader(s), disappointing them (or just him or her), and perhaps got off track of something that might have been growing. Well, I think I just need to start over.

Hello, my name is Gronthe, and I'm writing a WoW blog. It's the first of its kind. Bold statement? Not really, since it's the first written by me, it's unique...the first of its kind. Let's smile together at that really awful joke. :)

If you like you may go back and learn more about me, I wrote a 3-part series about why I play the game. It's entertaining at best, enlightening at worst, and not a half-bad read at medium. See them here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

But when I promise to do something, I do it...just not always in the time period I promise. Oh well, I gotta work on some things in life, don't I? I wanted to share a story with you, it's not my first, in fact I rather enjoy story time here at Deuwowlity. In case you don't already know, I have a couple kids. Boys to be exact. When my oldest was very young, still learning to speak, he would contrive the most adorable little words. Obviously he was trying to say real words, but they never came out that way.

In particular he enjoyed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But he could never quite say "peanut butter and jelly", instead it came out as "pigeondudderdabelly". Cute right? Simply irresistable! He had the obligatory spaghetti pronounciation, "pasketti", as well as many other variations of simple words we all take for granted. But "pigeondudderdabelly" always touched a very special place in my heart, as well as my wife's.

It seems to me that kids don't unlearn stuff, however, they simply transfer it to older people. I don't know how my kid transferred his inability to speak to strangers around the world who also happen to play WoW, but he did. Every day I am nausiated by the senseless chatter in trade chat, the ignorance of the masses when they start arguing about why everyone else sucks and they are the only leet person on the realm. The immaturity that permiates party chat during a simple, predictable random dungeon.

I think I want to hurl.

Ok, so I realize that I'm probably older than many and there are a significant amount of teenagers playing this game, kids who know what a noun and a verb are but have trouble using them in the same sentence.

When my kid was young, he couldn't speak properly because of the laws of childhood development and human nature. What is the excuse for the thousands of morons out there that feel it's their duty, their obligation, to tell everyone what to you using only symbols and not words (#$*%#*$%*#%$#$* tank! &*#$&#* #$&*#$& pull #*&$*#&$*&# gogogogo #&*$&#*).

It's not my place to understand. Oh more thing. I wonder about those people who yell in chat, telling some troll to SHUT UP ALREADY. Do they know they have an ignore list? I think they do, I also think they get off somehow by being the sort of person they publicly decry.

As I was saying. It's not my place to understand, I fear. It's my place to /Ignore. I hope Blizzard makes it so I can ignore 10,000 people, because it's going in that direction.

Thanks for stopping by. Good news, I got a job! I wouldn't be writing if I didn't, I had to get my priorities in line first. I take my job as a husband and dad seriously, the way I view it at least. It makes me feel good knowing I can pay rent, have something to eat, and even still have some left over to play a game I enjoy.

Peace out, I'll see ya'lls around the corner, at


LarĂ­sa said...

Grats to the job! And actually you kept your promise - sort of. You named the next post as you said you would. I don't give up on you so easily. I've got a two month limit on my blogroll. You had plenty left... Looking forward to keep following your wow ponderings.

Gronthe said...

Thanks for that, it's very appreciated. The difficult part about this post was spelling the words my kid said in a way that made sense.