Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break

Not mine, I'm not in school of any kind, but my kids are on spring break this week (4th and 6th grade respectively). This means less time for me on the computer, which I don't know if I can handle not getting my fix of 01011101000110101.

I just wanted to say that I'd like to throw myself into the ring of Big Bear Butt's pvp idea. I heard about it via Tesh first, and I liked his idea as well. I'm simply shameless plugging myself as a wannabe contestant, if anything could ever come to fruition.

If there's anyone out there still listening to me, please drop me a line if they hear of anything getting together for a giant blogger war, I'd love to jump back into the fray.



P.S. I'm really, really good looking and could easily distract the opposing team with my bright, shiny smile and charming personality. That and I've got a HUGE...oh wait, someone's knocking at the door, cya'lls later.

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