Friday, April 13, 2012

Evolution, PvP Style

I have NEVER done a single Troll heroic dungeon, that is ZA/ZG for the acronym inclined. I never raided at the beginning of Cataclysm, there was no LFR at the time. But that big patch thingy came out and these new, long, difficult heroic dungeons that offered a marginal increase in gear ilvl were all the rage. Then I began to hear of all the rage because that's all there was to do and people were getting sick of it.

Well hahaha, I just never ran them, so suck on that for a while. That's right, I was simply too cool for those hunchback trolls, but I still felt like doing something...PvP came a knocking at my door.

I had leveled 5 characters to 85 and even through the initial launch of Cata had NEVER, EVER even stepped into a simple BG at any level. PvP was a distant nightmare that I had no wish to endulge. I had dueled with my priest at level 32 with a level 24 Pali and lost, I was that bad. I was convinced that PvP, in any form, was not my cup of smoking hot tea. Leave it to the kids, I said to myself, but as for me and my multi-vitamins and adult diapers, I'm sticking with the other end game activities like raiding.

Only I didn't raid anymore due to my bad back.

Oops! My bad! I couldn't do that either. So what to do, quit? What other choices did I have? I always had and continue to have plenty of alts, and I play with all of them. But I wanted something to do with my max level toons, for getting them to 85 and doing nothing else just wasn't an option.

Once again PvP came a knocking at my door, but this time it was more of a BANG and a "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE, YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER" type of invitation.

So, I looked at my Shaman, Priest, Hunter, Mage, Druid, DK, Warlock, and later Paladin and asked myself, of all these who would be the most "fun" to PvP with. In the end I decided that DK and Mage would have the greatest fun factor. But before I entered a max level BG, I decided I'd go back to the beginning and learn a little bit at a time.

Enter more alts.

I made more low level druids, mages, hunters, shamans, priests, Locks and even a Warrior and Rogue and began at level 10 in what has become my most hated BG, Warsong Gulch.

Tangent: I really wish there were more BG's available at lower levels and that those offered a diverse enough gameplay to make each BG fresh and challenging and entertaining. Seriously, now we have two WG's (Twin Peaks) and two Arathi Basins (Battle for Gilneas). At least in MoP it appears that they are at least trying to do something different.

Anyhoo, my beginnings were centered around mostly my Hunter, as I figured in PvP if I can hit you from far before you hit me up close I have a better chance of winning the battle. I have learned much since, but indulge me for a bit longer. Unfortunately, my early success with my Hunter, as I have come to discover, gave me a false sense of security. As many of you know, Hunters are incredibly effective at those lower levels, as many melee fighters have no way to get close to you if you can get off a concussive shot before they begin their attack. Then it's a few nukes and POW they are dead and you and your pet are eating man-flesh.

Speaking of man-flesh, I gave it up because it's just too stringy, and got stuck in between my teeth.

My adventures continued, and I have more stories to tell, but please allow me multiple posts to continue on in my evolution from scrub to where I am today. You see, it's 2am and I am finally tired, I shall continue this tomorrow. Cleverly leaving you hanging so you'll come back and buy my toaster oven I shall offer at just 7 easy payments of $16.47.

Until the next day,


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