Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Dream I Cannot Remember

I had a dream last night. That fact alone I am sure won't surprise anyone since all humans dream multiple times each night as the sleep cycle demands. But in my dream I had an idea, a wonderful, witty, fresh, poetic idea that is now lost from me. Clearly I did not bribe my synapses enough to funnel this great idea to any memory portion of my brain, I shant make that mistake again...even on a budget.

After unplugging myself so completely from the blogging community for so long, it's no wonder that I may begin again not knowing if what I write has been exhausted by hundreds of others, but that matters not right now, I'm just a stupid bloke talking about dreams I can't remember.

Speaking of dreams, I never did dream or hope for a perfect game to play. Console games, computer games, single player, multi-player, whatever type, you pick, I don't have an ideal. I simply wish to be diverted and not leave feeling worse than I did when I sat down. Low expectations, I know, but I'm simple that way. I really love playing LOTRO for it's an interactive form of some of my favorite stories, some of the best ever told. The people are few, but friendly at worst. Rift I play off an on as a means of ultra escape for my feeble mind. World of Warcraft I still ride, but do so on such a casual and distant mindset that I'm perfectly happy inhabiting a world filled with unprincipaled loud-mouths because I care very little about any sort of "progression", only diversion.

IF, and that's a big IF, I were to dream a perfect game it would no doubt be any game that I play right now, because what one game lacks in one feature I am sure to find in another. There is no perfection out there, why expect it? Why demand it? Perfection in my games are the totality of those experiences, and even then a dreamy perfection is not realized. But enjoyment is, which is quite enough.

One thing I still enjoy, however, is contemplating the motives of all parties involved. The developers, the business people, the gamers, the parents who have children who play and the parents who play themselves. I have a vested interest in my son, for example, and wonder how his gaming experiences will affect his life and the choices he makes. He's quite smart, actually, smarter (verified through all kinds of test, I am proud to brag), than everyone in his school. That will change one day as he enters larger populations of students, there is always someone smarter and therefore always a need to learn more. But I digress, I'm getting personal, aren't I?


I'm as curious as any to see the new Pandaren continent in WoW, and I'll be happy to stroll through the gardens and forests and snow capped mountains. Engaged I will try to be, to the best of my limited ability. I won't stop playing many other games either, and all the time I'll be dreaming of that great idea, the one I am SURE, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE, that I had last night but faded quickly from my mind upon awakening. But maybe that's what all games are like, a dream fulfilled, that is until we play them and we realize that the game's imperfections have caused us to forget our dreams, or perhaps we only believe we recall them but they have become distorted, and we only THINK we know what we want.

Ah well, tis no matter. Well wishes to you all, and sweet dreams tonight. Here's a bit of advice I once got from a stupid movie, if you ever awake from a dream write it down immediately by keeping a pen and paper by your bedside. You never know when you'll imaging something truly genius only to be let down looking in the mirror the next day and seeing yourself staring back, idea lost, dream forgotten. It would do us all a bit of good to remember our dreams, they are good stuff.

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