Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is a Test

I read an article today about linking to used or older posts over at Tish Tosh Tesh. Sure, I know he was making some point or another about the issue of buying/selling used games, but he said that if anyone linked to any of his older posts, like this one about "Selling and Reselling", that he would start charging people.

"So, henceforth, anyone (including myself) who links to any of my previous blog posts must pay me the full price originally charged for the post...Each link will incur the full price, so if you link twice, I'll expect you to pay twice."

So, if I understand correctly, if I post this article by Tesh, since I've linked to it once already now I have to pay twice the original amount.

I guess I'm being watched by a Big Brother WombatCam as well, so I guess I should be scared!

Well, Tesh, all I have to say is I AIN'T PAYIN'!!!! I'm taking a stand. I'm using your old stuff and you're gonna like it. Why, if people like your old stuff who's to say they won't buy your new stuff. I know, like you say your stuff is free, but "we're talking ideals and morals here, people!"

Ah the joy of games people play.

Oh, I almost forgot!


1 comment:

Tesh said...

The wombats are on their way. They seemed to be wearing orbital deployment gear. I'm afraid to ask them where they got it. I still have scars from when I asked them about the cranberries.