Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Dear Blizzard type folk people,

I write to you today in sincere hopes that I can prove to you why I would be an excellent beta tester. In fact, I may be so good that you'll be on the verge of naming the game after me when we're done with testing. Alright, so I jest, but I still believe I could be of invaluable service to you and, by extension, to the community. Please allow me to explain why I believe I would be a worthwhile selection.

I'm Older than 11
I am not one to believe in the stories of supremely mature 10 year olds that can write a symphony or become the world's bets chess player, there have been less than a handful of those people in our world's history. No, what I refer to is the age of reason. As I learned in my days of endless study in college, the average human does not reach the age of reason, or the ability to formulate reasoned arguments, until the age of 12. If you insist on extending random invites, I implore that you have some sort of filter in place to omitt the under 12 crowd, for as much fun as they can be they quite literally don't have the same reasoning capability that older kids and adults have.

It could easily be argued that there are adults that are incapable of reason, but I would think that could be explained that those people simply do not choose reason, rather they choose illogic and impatience in their attempts to describe a problem they perceive in your game. It's my desire that after finishing reading this letter you will clearly see that I am one who at least makes a concerted effort to be reasoned, regardless of my absolute success or failure at the attempt.

So, since I am at least of the age of reason, and I make continual attempts at it, I give this as evidence #1 of the reasons to include me in your beta testing.

I'm a Scientist
No, I do not have a degree in molecular biology or nuclear physics, what I mean is that I make it a point in life to be observant. Good science is good observation, many a xxxx-ologist would say. I would approach the beta testing with the observant eye of an astronomer and be willing to provide a detailed, written summary of those things that I observed that would support or contradict any changes that have been implemented to date.

I understand that it's much more than running a dungeon and, upon completion, writing "
Dang, that was tough. I, like, so ran out of mana at the end, you got to fix that asap." Instead I would explain, "On the final boss encounter of Instance X, while using the rotation of Riptide > Heal > Chain Heal > Greater Heal > Riptide > Healing Rain, I found that after 30 seconds my mana pool had depleated. During the encounter, which lasted 48 seconds, I also dispelled 3 magic debuffs in between my Heal spells. I had only used Healing Rain one time, aside from that I maintained the rotation above and still used my entire mana pool. It's my observation that that particular healing rotation is not mana efficient. Whether the base mana cost is too high needs further testing, but is worth taking another look at."

Observant scientists take copious notes, and I would not disappoint. I sincerely believe that my observations will be helpful in working out any unwanted inefficiencies in the gameplay. I give this as evidence of #2 the reasons to include me in your beta testing.

I'm an Accountant
Perhaps the most imporant job of an accountant (financial, not tax) is balancing every transaction. There is a common formula that I follow, Assets = Liability + Equity. What this means is that I am a professional at balancing and really good with numbers and math. Even a reasoned and observant individual can fail if not directed by a method to follow, a formula to balance. I am in the perfect position of understanding the numbers behind the graphics, and with the tools to judge proper balancing of those numbers. I can take my observations, utilize my math and balancing skills, to create a reasoned and factually based argument as to why I would suggest change X to skill Y, and so on and so forth.

This is evidence #2 of the reasons to include me in your beta testing.

Quite honestly, and all joking aside, I believe that I am in a perfect position to be a beta tester. To add to the list of evidences and reasons, I would also like to say that I would add something that not all of your beta testers have, a desire to test the game, not just play in order to get some screenshots on facebook, but actually test. Is that not what you are looking for? Dedicated testers? You have a reputation of not releasing a game until "it's ready", so why then would you make your beta testing as random as you do? You need to be more selective, and I ask that you start that selection with me. I am the perfect blend of method, observation and reasoning. If a beta key were to be gifted why not gift it to someone who has a sincere desire to make the game better for everyone?

There are other, less significant reasons for wanting to be a beta tester, but they are as insignificant as I am selfish. I want this for the whole of the community, to make it a more enjoyable game for the most possible people. I am not difficult to find, I'm right here...on the web...for all to see and hear. So I implore you, Blizzard, please allow me to be the best beta tester you have ever had. I will do all within my power to not let you down.



p.s. If I don't get invited, "at least I have chicken."

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