Friday, January 21, 2011

Two-Headed, Teenage, Transvestite Tarantulas

True story: I used to live in the Northeast, New England to be specific, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecicut to be even more specific. One of the great advantages of living in SW Connecicut is the train system. I could hop on a train and be into "The City" (New York City) in 45 minutes. It made it a great tool for dating or just fun with friends.

On a pre-Christmas Eve night (Dec 23) I boarded a train in Stamford, CT with a bunch of friends to tour Rockefeller Center and take a look at the famous Christmas tree and skating rink. The train brought us into Grand Central Station, we walked west along 42nd Street towards Broadway and Rockefeller Center. Not two blocks down we came across a woman who had eyes for you know who. She actually stopped and touched my arm and asked me if I wanted to have "a good time". It was with surprise that I noticed that it wasn't a woman at all, but a man in a mini-skirt and this cute little red top, it, moving on.

Politely I said no thanks, that I was going on a walk with my friends, but I wished her, um, him a good night. He winked at me and blew me a kiss, my friends and I chuckeled and went on with our night.

Later that night, after viewing the forgetable Christmas tree and being completely underwhelmed by Rockerfeller Center (it's significantly smaller than appears on TV), I was approached once again by a woman clearly dressed for warmer than 25 degree weather (F, not C). Once again, as before, even in the middle of all my friends of both sexes, I was offered the night of my life. To my everlasting astonishment, upon closer view, I noticed that it was yet again a man dressed as a woman, looking for the type of good time that I wasn't.

My friends and I pondered what the odds were that two transvestites approach me on the streets of New York City in the same night, both times while I was not walking alone but with a group of friends. A hundred billion to one? Who knows? And while this is not a commentary on my personal position of the transvestite lifestyle, I thougt it would make for a fascinating read nonetheless.

Cataclysm Xpac
So things aren't always what they seem, so what? With all the mumbo-jumbo talk going around about the success or failure of this current expansion, I wonder if anyone has looked closely enough at all of its features to make formulate an informed opinion worthy to be listened to? So what, any time anything undesireable makes its way into the game people should stop playing? By that rule we all should have stopped when ToC hit the raiders shelves. But if that happened we wouldn't have been able to be a part of one of the best fights in the game with the LK himself.

I just don't think it's completely fair to judge an xpac by what it initially releases. Judge it though it's completion. I'm talking about a final judgement. It's just fine, imo, to say that this or that isn't great or could use improvement, while that over there is good. The release of any game or xpac is never the finished product, it's the beginning of the story. And for all writers out there, you know that the beginning of a story is always the hardest part to write.

There's time for each xpac to play itself out, and I'm sure there's still plenty of time in this xpac for it to either horribly fail or rise to levels of awesomeness that none of us have yet to see.

In the meantime, watch out for those two-headed, teenage, transvestite tarantulas, they bite.

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