Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Like Bugs, And I Hate Them

One morning, long ago, back in the days when I used to brush my teeth, I leaned over the sink only to find a cockroach crawling out of that little "overflow" hole on the side of sink opposite the faucet. Launching myself back in disgust, I stared at the little bug, wondering if I should scream for my wife to come and kill it or to walk away and pretend it never happened. Honestly I can't remember what I did, although I'm pretty sure I decided that I'd never brush my teeth again.

Kidding...about the not brushing my teeth part; that other stuff totally happened.

But that's what you get in the desert, and many other cities around the world. Bugs. They're everywhere. Billions of them, all planning an overthrow (with the help of spiders, I would like to add) of the human race. You can forget Armegeddon, it'll be bugs that destroy us all. Sort of like that one Supernatural episode where those bugs killed all those people, etc.

Another bug crossed my screen last night as I wrapped up a VICTORY in Tol Barad. Granted, we were defending, so gaining a victory is sort of like beating a two-year-old in basketball. But knowing me, I'd probably trash talk that little kid as I was dunking over his head, such is the spirit of competition. Anyhoo, as the BG ended, a bug crossed my screen...aka an Achievement. Evidently, even though I entered Tol Barad with 15 minutes remaining and was on the defending side, I still earned For Whom the Barad Tols, an achievement for attacking TB and winning in under 10 minutes.

Come to find out, after some surfing and reading, there are quite a few bugs with TB achievements and achivement tracking. As if the actual battleground design wasn't bad enough, now people are either getting credit for things they never did or not getting credit for things completed. It must be frustrating for the later, cause who wouldn't be mad if they killed the Lich King but never got their Kingslayer title? Imaging the real wrath when those same people found if that people like me, who never killed the LK, actually got the KS title without earning it?

Ah, bugs. So much fun, and there are so many of them. Are there too many? I just wonder if Cataclysm wasn't rush, ya know, by just a bit. With the Ramkahen people voiceless, achievements all screwey, and all the other little things that come with each patch or expansion normally, perhaps good ol' ATVI (That's Activision-Blizzard) was a bit more concerned with meeting Q4 revenue and net income figures than having a clean, finished product.

For the most part everything is really well done. I'm not saying that the xpac is a dud; I know that there will always be unforseen bugs crawling out unexpectedly while we brush our teeth or slay our dragons. There just seem to be a few extra things, a couple fairly large, that can't have been a bug but rather a product of unfinished work.

Oh well, it'll work itself out, I'm sure. Hey, my guild got XP from my little added achievements, so it's not like I'm the only one benefitting from this, my whole guild gets the bonus from the bug infestation in Azeroth. So with the bad comes some good...albeit unearned.

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