Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Positively Chipper Casual

That's me, folksy folk. Chipper man in the flesh. At least, that's how I feel now that I am a true-blue casual player of not only WoW but all other games I roll every now and then. There is a tangible relief and sense of freedom every time I log in (which isn't as much the last few weeks due to how awful my back as been feeling). The fact that I can play which whichever of my 25 toons I wish, do anything with them when I do log on, and stop any time I like, even in the middle of an instance if the mood takes me (which is hasn't, I'm just saying it might), means the world to me.

On my main's realm, I intentionally keep multiple alts out of my main's guild so that I can experience gameplay on that server from different perspectives, either other guilds or guildless. I'll take freedom over all things, whether it's gold, gear, or honor, the freedom to be my own, on my own, helps to keep my batteries charged and going forward in an age of a new type of burnout.

I'm free to go back to raiding, or participate in rated BG's, but I choose not to. True, there are real life reasons why I don't raid, but I could ignore those and raid anyway. It wouldn't be smart, but nobody can stop me if I did.

Freedom of mind and soul is an unparalled joy in my little gaming world. To stop mid-way through a quest and literally stop and smell (or pick) the flowers, to fly high and take in the views of a new world that I have yet to see all of, even months after the Cataclysm. Casual play is my new best friend, (which means I'm sorry to my previous best friend, my invisible friend Frank who used to tickle me while trying to heal ICC - that led to more wipes than I care to admit).

Freedom is serene, it is strength, it is music and it flows through my fingertips endlessly as I press 2, 3, then 2, then 5, 6, oops, I got to interrupt, -, then 9, 2, 3, 5, 4, 4, 5! Sometimes, when I'm feeling really rebellious, I'll open with a 7, then a 3 then a 2. Sorry 2, you aren't always my first choice of spell, sometimes I need to 7 and you'll just have to get over it.

Ugh, all this burnout talk on the "internets", I need to stay away from it, I need to jump on my mount and fly above it into the far reaches of the cloudless skies towards the sun that frankly isn't all that hot. What? Forget it, I'm just walking while I'm talking.

What's my point? Well for me I've found great solace in my casual gametime, grace has given me the freedom that I've sought (whether I knew it or not) for a very long time. Gaming is supposed to be fun, and fun is what this chipper bloke is having right now.

On, on to victory! Freedom shall be ours!!!!!


Mhorgrim said...

Kudo's to you! I'm glad to see at least a few people doing the MMO world for actual fun! I just ranted the hell out of that topic on my own blog, The Rusty Blade because I figure if you aren't having fun...don't waste your hard earned time and money! Anyways I'm glad to see more of a positive outlook for the gaming community at large!

Gronthe said...

@ Mhorgrim: I hate that anything in this world costs any money, but since it does, and if I pay for something, I'm gonna make sure that I make it worth it!