Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Most ANNOYING Quest Ever

There are quite a few that I'd vote for, but thanks to the Cataclysm a new leader has risen above all the others. And to think, it's supposed to be "cute" - turns out cute is the new suck!

Save the Wee Animals

You're supposed to run around a burning grove of trees and pick up any combination of of Panicked Bunnies or Terrified Squirrels. Question: With Night Elves connection with nature, you would think that they would know of some spell or encantation that would attract wildlife to their side, including these cute little bunnies and squirrels. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They ask some dude with an axe to gain the confidence of an already terrified little animal and allow themselves to be picked up and carried to safety.

Which leads me to the annoying part, picking them up. They are small, they move fast, their patterns are sorta random, sorta pre-programmed, and just when you think you have them where you want them, BAM! They quickly dart off in the other direction. They are suspicious little buggers, that's for sure. Don't they know I'm trying to save them? Just keep your cute little fanny on the ground and let me, the 6'4" man hero to lift you to safety already.

It's the capture part that gets to me, er, the rescue attempt. It's not easy to right click on a tiny moving target. It's so difficult, in fact, I need to call in help in the form of kobolds. Kobolds have these wonderful nets that they like to throw on people, so, in an effort to get this quest done quickly and efficiently, I enlist the help of 10 Kobold Miners who I send out into the burning wild to capture one critter each. When they are done I pay them with fake rocks, plastic painted like rock, and to date no kobold has complained.

I warn you, if you haven't quested through Hyjal, be prepared to be frustrated. The quest, even with it's cute factor, just plain sucks.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Tam said...

I agree the quest mechanics are annoying but I have to admit I found the quest text so hilarious I just didn't care. Especially because I was doing it with Chas, who is an Orcish DK. Watching this angry green dead woman with two axes running around trying to SAVE THE POOR SQUIFFLES will be one of my most treasured WoW memories!

LarĂ­sa said...

They're surely not easy to target or grab, but I find the quest kind of charming. The crab fishing q in SW is a bit of the same, but fortunately enough they're a little bit slower than the squirrels.

Anonymous said...

I learned the 'interact with target' keybind for this quest, and I adore it madly and want to have its children. I have bound it to the comma key. I made a /target macro to get the animals in and bound that to period, then ran around typing ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., until I was done. If you're ever doing this on an alt, try it that way.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, enable click to move while doing the quest, and do what the previous anonymous said. You won't even have to run around yourself, the "interact with target" keybind will make you move directly towards the targeted critter.
As I already had a similar setup for the chicken daily in Scholozar, I was done with the quest in about half a minute.

Gronthe said...

@ Anonymous 1 & 2: I didn't know about any 'interact with target' keybind before. I'm just not that smart nor have ever looked at the settings enough to learn about it previously.

Still, despite the cuteness, which can't be denied, given my lack of knowledge at the time I did the quest, it was still annoying. So there! :)

Chordian said...

I vaguely remember this quest. As far as I remember I found it slightly annoying but also a bit cute too.

Personally I could find numerous other quests that annoy me a lot more; basically quests that have one or more dependencies like escorting someone or protecting something else.

One of the worst escort quests was A Little Help From My Friends in Un'Goro Crater where you have to escort Ringo back. He fainted a lot and was often difficult to see in the grass.

Another one I really didn't like was Salhet's Gambit. You have to escort a captain and his crew to higher ground. The first time I relaxed and just did reasonable damage. Then when we reached the top and I thought we were doing pretty well, the captain and his crew were suddenly all dead. Mission failed. When I redid the quest later, I was on the edge of my chair and really wanted to give the enemies hell, which of course suddenly made the quest seem surprisingly easy.