Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mr Darcy is All Politeness

I've often felt I was born in the wrong time and age. I tell people that I credit my parents for my real life tendencies to politeness, but in reality my parents only encouraged what I already had a passion for. Even with my mother-in-law, whom I hate with a passion for destroying the life of my dear wife, I can't help but be polite when she makes a surprise visit (which have been far fewer over the years, gratefully).

For years I refused to read and/or watch Pride and Prejudice, but I found that I had something in common with many of those people in the story, I believe in outward politeness, despite how I felt about somebody.

But things have changed, and it's everyone else's fault!!!

Well, not anyone who reads this blog, of course, because you are all awesome! It's everyone else that has driven me absolutely insane. I've been doing a lot of playing and no writing this past couple weeks. Starting yesterday I experienced what many others have in the past with new, shiny wow features: a flood of activity, and very little to none of it is polite.

There are so many people in the new 81-85 zones and in the new starting areas (especially Worgen), that in a short amount of time I have ceased my emulation of Mr Darcy and have become Lizzy's mother, rude, arrogant, pushy, loud, and insufferable. When there are 6 people standing around a spot where the boss/quest mob is about to respawn, and nobody wants to group up, I have felt the need to put off all politeness and move to be quicker than all else in order to kill that really, really bad dude or pick up that shark tooth. And when I think I'm alone, the mob respawns, and I see a Hunter's shot go through my chest and into the mob's, I scream...loudly!

I need to chill, I know, but this wave of people doing the same thing over and over, from realm to realm, quest after quest after quest changed me literally overnight from a polite, thoughtful bloke to a rude, selfish, and bitter old man. I haven't done anything yet today, and I hope to be able to control myself better this time, as now I know what to expect I plan on taking things as they come and not worry too much about it, I know sooner or later I'll get my chance.

I wouldn't blame anyone else if they had similar feelings, in fact I sometimes imagine what others are saying about me as they watch me stab a mob in the back before they can cast their first spell. I feel bad, obviously, for enjoying it, but for my sake I need to learn how to cope with it all.

But for all my rude actions, at least I'm not trolling. I have never, I repeat NEVER seen as much trolling in the General chats of the zones I've been playing in that in the last 24 hours. It's worse, by a hundred fold, than anything that has gone on in the trade chats of the major cities. I don't know how to explain it other than statistics, that with a bigger sample size the percentages may not go up but the volume does. I've never put so many on my ignore lists than I did yesterday.

Still, I'm having fun, the game is new, fresh, and better than ever, imo. I'd love to experience the Worgen starting area alone, or swim the ocean depths with no fear of being robbed by a guildie (which didn't happen, but with so many out there not paying attention to who they are robbing from, I suppose it's a possibility). I hope all of you are enjoying the expansion, taking the good and the bad for what they are but doing better than I am at staying focused on enjoying yourself, and hopefully doing it more politely than I am.


Fuubaar said...

Funny story: I saw someone yell out in Vashjir aiming at someone to eat... well something not very nice because they stole a spawn. All of three seconds later he yells out "Oh nevermind! It respawned!"

This man did not realize but he shouted out the exact frustrations that everyone was having while all at the same time totally forgetting that the respawn timers are so rediculous that you'll get over it in seconds.

But yes, normally I'm a polite and helpful person who would not throw down a consecrate ontop of a spawn point to snake the Respawn. Last night, all bets were off

*evil grin*

<3 Your friendly neighborhood Fuubaar

Gronthe said...

@ Fuubaar: Just last night a wicked "opposing faction" warlock kept throwing down a hellfire on an important respawn, not allowing me and a couple others I was grouping with to tag a "boss" mob.

Ultimately he got bored and left, but this sort of behavior has been seen often. It's frustrating, yes, but it's also a good thing I've got like 20 other alts to play with instead, which I do until I cool off.

Lazaros of Llane said...

I must be fortunate. While I see some trolling and asshattery (I'm looking at you, same-faction boomkin mob-ganker), it's surprisingly rare right now on Llane. People are generally helpful (if jokingly snarky, as is the way of the server) in open channels, take turns, assist each other if they see someone in trouble. I see some named quest mob competition, but one quick invite or hint at teaming, and people are on board.

I fully understand and sympathize with your post, as I remember what you describe all too well in BC. Really makes one appreciate Archaeology even more.