Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time to make the donuts

Is anyone old enough to remember the Dunkin Donuts commercial with the "time to make the donuts" guy? Poor ol' sap. Every night he gets home from a long day at work only to be instantly awakened by his alarm clock signaling time to go back to work and make some sweet, fresh donuts. All the while he worked in a semi-catatonic state, repeating the same job of making donuts over and over and over and over and over...............

As a child watching this commercial I both envied and pitied the Dunkin Donuts guy. How cool would it be to work at a donut shop and eat all the donuts I wanted. On the other hand the man never slept, talked with his wife, played with his kids, or went Christmas shopping. That's not exactly the ideal life for me.

The donut guy isn't on TV anymore, but the mentality still exists in both life and games. I wake up every morning and force myself to get ready for work. All the while I'm hoping desperately that my body won't respond and I'll be able to call in to work. Most of the time I have no such luck, and I get up, go to work, and sometimes go through the motions.

In a way I've done that in WoW. Every day I need to make sure that I do my random dungeon for my frost, my JC and cooking dailies, etc. It's a routine, I'm going through the motions in a way.

"It's time to do the daily." Ugh, sounds boring, doesn't it.

Then I remind myself why I play and I think the donut guy had the wrong attitude. He made freakin' donuts! Soft, warm, sweet and delicious. Oh how I would still love to be around donuts all day, to surround myself in warm goodness. The work you do, the games you play, even if you do repetitive actions can change based on the attitude you bring to it. I can run 10 dungeons in a row and never get tired of them if I allow myself to become part of the story. If I keep my mind off emblems and gear, just go with the flow and immerse myself in everything around me.

Gimme a Boston Cream, Blueberry, Chocolate Frosted and a Culling of Stratholme to go please!

Ummm, warm and tasty goodness.

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